Women's   health   care   focuses   on  maintaining   optimal   health   as   her   reproductive   system   develops   and   matures.  Conventional  approaches    to   women's   health   have   often   used   invasive   medical   procedures   to   deal   with   common   physiological   functions,    such   as   hormone   imbalances   experienced   during   menopause.   Natural   acupuncture   and   holistic   healing   methods   can  be  safely   used   to   address   the   diverse   symptoms   of   premenstrual   syndrome   and   menopause,   as   well  as   diseases   of   the  uterus,   vagina,   bladder   and   breasts.   

Menstrual Problems

A  woman   menstruates   an   average  of  500   times   during   her  life.  Yet  there  are   many   misconceptions   about   menstruation,   and   some   have   been   repeated  so  often   that  they   are   considered   fact.  Most  notable  is  the  assumption  that  the  average  menstrual  cycle  is  28  days,  neatly   paralleling  the  cycles  of  the  moon.  While   women's   bodies   do  have  an   observable   rhythm,  the  menstrual  cycle  actually  has  a  wide  range  of  lengths  that  can  be  considered  normal.


Some  women  get  more  fatigued  then  usual   around   their   periods.  This  can  be  a  part  of  a  premenstrual  syndrome   where  the  progesterone  drops  too  much  or  it   can   be   from   loosing  iron  from   bleeding   each   month   which   leads   to  anemia   where  the  lack  of   iron   in   the   blood   makes   it  harder  to  carry   oxygen   and   hold   an   electrical  charge,   which   causes   fatigue.   This   is   where   an  iron   supplement   is   helpful  especially   if  you   don't   eat   meat  or  not   much   meat  is   eaten.  There  are  people  who  eat   beef   liver   when   they   are   feeling   tired   from   their   menstrual  period   but  it  is  easier  to   just   take   an   iron   supplement   or  iron   pill.  It   is   generally   recommended   that  a   women   take   one   iron   tablet   per  heavy   bleeding  day  of  her  period. This  amount  is   a   relatively   conservative   recommended   amount   because   some  physicians   will  recommend   three   tablets  a  day.  But  it  is  also   a  good   idea   to  consult   a   professional   to   see   if   you   need   more   or  less   depending   on  diet  and   what  is  in  your  multi-vitamin  for  example.  You  don't  want  to  take   too   much   iron   either  because   too   much   iron   can   have  a  toxic  effect  on  the   liver.  So  it  is  very  important  for  you  to  find  out  what  is  the  just  right  amount  of  iron  for  you  so  you  aren't  fatigued  and  yet  you  are  not  overdoing  it  and  making   yourself   sick.  There   are   women   who   have   actually   died   just  from   anemia,  however   those   are   extreme   cases.  Poor  things,  so   easy   to   avoid   this   problem,  especially  these  days  with  great  easy  to  digest  iron  pills.  They  used   to  be   really   hard   to  digest.  There  are  leafy  green  vegetables   that   have  a  lot  of  iron   such   as   spinach,  kale,  swiss   chard   and  beet  greens.  They   contain  between  2.5  to  6.4  mg   of   iron  per  cooked   cup.  It  is  also  helpful  to  drizzle  some  lemon  juice  over  the  leafy  greens  for  the  vitamin  C  to  increase   the  amount   of   iron   you   absorb.  Iron   supplements   traditionally   have   325  mg  of   a   form   of   iron   called   ferrous   sulfate   whic h  is  65  mg   of  elemental   iron.   So   you   would   need   to  east  a  lot   of   green   leafy   veges  to  compete   with   an  iron   supplement.  This  is  important   to  know   especially  if   you   are   a  heavy   bleeder   and   your  diet   isn't  particularly   iron   rich.  The   good   news  is  that   the   iron   supplement   pills  have   been   formulated  to  be  easier   to  digest  then   they   were   years   ago   and   don't   cause   constipation   as   was   also   once   a   problem.   I   realize   that  a  lo t   of   readers   already   know   about   how   important   iron   is   but   it  is   surprising   to  see   how   many   people   don't   know   about   this  and   need   this   information.   Some    young   women   are   down   right   frightened   to   get   and   take   some   iron,  it   is   such   alien   information.   But   so   important  for  a   women's   quality   of   life. 

   Sometimes   a   person   needs   more  then   iron   because   their   body   and   blood   needs   more    elements   such   as   some   other   minerals   and   micro-nutrients   and   while  it  might   be   vitamins,  that  are   needed,   it   is  often     other   micro-nutrients.  This  is   not   only   the    case   of   certain   forms  of   anemia  but  almost  always  in  SEASONAL  AFFECTIVE  DISORDER   which  is  a  type   of   depression   that's   related   to  changes   in   the   seasons   and   a   person   gets   gloomy   when   the    weather   gets   gloomy.   For  instance   when   it   rains   a lot   or   during    winter.   It   is   explained   by   a  research   scientist   as  a   condition   where    the   blood    can't   hold   enough   of   an  electrical   charge   and   when   there   isn't   enough   sunlight   to  charge   their   body   up   they   get   fatigued,  depressed   and   gloomy.   However,   when   the   right    supplement   or  herbal   blood   tonic   is   given   they   are  no   longer  effected   by   the   gloomy   weather.   For   some   it   seems   like   a   miracle,   because   they   have   suffered   for   so  long   and  had   to   use   special   lamps   to  get   some   relief.   We   have   had   British   patients   who   suffered   from   this   and   were/are   very   happy   not   to   have   to   deal    with   Seasonal    affective   disorder   anymore.  There   are   special   Traditional  ( Vegetable  based )  Chinese   herbal   formulas   that   are   good   blood   tonics   for   this   deficiency   based   disorder,   that    have   Dong  Quai   and   Ginseng   along   with   other   tonic    herbs    that   help   this   condition.   These    formulas   are   full   of   micro-nutrients   and   minerals   in   bio-available   forms    that   build   up   the   blood.   It   is   best   to   consult   a   professional   in   Chinese   herbal   medicine  or   in   holistic   medicine.    Here   at   Sunnyslope   Healing   Arts,   we   are   able   to   help   you    find    your   right    formula.   We  have   also   found   women  with    anemia   who   live   in   sunny   places   improve    with  the   right   blood   tonic.    They    feel    more    energetic   and   have   more   vitality.

Candidiasis ( Yeast Infection)

     A  weak  immune  system  as  well as  as  the  intake  of   too  many  antibiotics  can  compromise  the  health  of  the  intestinal  environment.  If   this   occurs ,  then   the  opportunistic   yeast  Candida   albicans   will  proliferate.  At  this   point,  Candida   becomes  pathogenic,  transforming   from   a   simple   yeast   into   an   aggressive  fungus  that  can   infect  other  body  tissues.  This  condition  is  known  as   candidiasis   or   infectious   yeast   overgrowth.   It  is   important  to   know   that  any   form  of   sugar  will  feed   the   yeast  infection   and   make   it   worse.   Other   foods   that   feed   the   yeast   infection,   causing   it   to   get   worse   are   yeast   used   to  make   baked   goods,  so   yeasty   breads   like   sour   dough   or   pizza   crust   is   especially   yummy   to   any   yeast   in   your   body.    Vinegar  is   especially   good   at   feeding  a   yeast   infection,   that   includes   all   kinds   of   vinegar.   Also,   ripe   cheese   where   there   is   a   lot   of   mold   activity   in   the   cheese,   such   as   Roqueford   cheese   is   something   to   avoid   while   you   battle   a   yeast   infection.   Alcohol   is   another   major   thing   to   avoid,   that   includes    wine   and   beer,   they   are   full   of   yeast   themselves   and   feed    the   yeast    infection   in   your   body.   Mushrooms  of   all   types   are   also  a   major   thing   to   avoid   and   fruit   juices   can   have   to   much   sugar   so   watch   out   for   that.  

We  have   a   specially   formulated   herbal   formula    that   we   recommend   for   what   is   more   often   then   not   a   difficult   systemic     infection.   It   often   blocks   and   impedes    the    healing   of   bacterial   infections.   It   is   important   to   deal   with   your   fungal   infection.   


Premenstrual   syndrome   known   as  PMS   can   make  a   women's   life  miserable.   It   is   a   group   of   symptoms   that   occur   in    women   typically   between   ovulation   and   a   period.   The   symptoms   can   have   different   levels   of   intensity.   Symptoms   are   irritability,  depression,   moody,   highly   emotional,   cry   easily,  the   joke   is   PMS   women   will  cry   at   a   Hallmark   card   commercial,  Angers   easily,   fatigue,   tender   breasts,    food    cravings,   bloating   and   lethargy.  Our   hormones    need   to   be   in  a   certain   balance   for   the   woman  to   have   a   healthy   menstrual    cycle. 

  Progesterone   is   a   hormone   that   is   involved   with   that   balance   with   estrogen.   Progesterone   is   a   hormone   that   is   made     by   the   adrenals   and   protects    the   brain   and   keeps    memories    sharp.   It   gives   energy,   vitality    and   a   better   sex   drive   and   is   an   important   hormone   in   weight   loss

The   problem   is   when   adrenals   are   low   due   to   stress,   it   is   very   common   to   find    that   progesterone   levels   get   low.   Progesterone   also   helps    to   make   a   lot   of   other   hormones   in   the   body.   So   proper   levels   make   for   a   serene,   happy,   life  full  of   vitality.   

One   of    the    simpler   solutions    for   PMS    is    Wild   Yam.   A   young    woman   given   the   right   dosage,   which  can  very   greatly   from  woman   to   woman ,   will   do  a   good   job   of   mitigating     the   symptoms. needs   to   be   checked   by  someone   who   knows   how.    Here   at   Sunnyslope    Healing    Arts    we   check    and   clear   these   pesticides   and   see   big   improvements   in   the   health   and   hormones   of   the   people   when   we   do.

One   of    the    simpler   solutions    for   PMS    is    Wild   Yam.    A   young    woman    given    the   right   dosage,   which   can   very   greatly   from   woman   to   woman ,   will   do  a   good   job   of   mitigating     the   symptoms   of   PMS. 

The  other   thing   to   do   of   course   is   strengthen   the   adrenals    with    the   proper   vitamins   and   herbal   supplements   to   bring  up   their   functioning   and   vitality.


     Fibroids    can   cause   a   host   of  difficulties.  They   are   small   non  cancerous    tumors   that   grow   in   the   uterus.  They   occur   around   the   time  a   woman   goes   into   menopause.   A   time    when   estrogen   starts   to   decline.    Symptoms   include    heavy   menstrual   bleeding,    prolonged    periods    and   pelvic   pain.


Estrogen  is   a   blanket   term   for   the    dozens   of   estrogens   our   bodies  make.   The   three   most   important   are   sometimes    called    classical   estrogens.   They   are  

 Estrone,  which  is  procarcinogenic

Estradiol,   which   can  be   procarcinogenic   or  anticarcinogenic

Estriol,   which  is   anticarcinogenic,  as  is  2-hydroxyestrone   and   2-methoxyestradiol,   which  is   profoundly   anticarcinogenic 

Estriol   is   an   estrogen   that   protects  against   cancer.   That   protection   along   with   the   right   ratios   of   2-hydroxy   and   16-hydroxy    estrogen    and   the   correct   amount   of   2-methoxyestrodiol    won't   give  cancer   when  in  the   correct   ratios

Researchers   have   found   that  2-methoxyestradiol  is   such  a   potent   anticarcinogen  that  even  all  by  itself   it   works  against  breast  cancer.  In  fact,  it   actually   works  against   just   about  any   cancer   you   can   name:  blood  cancers,  all  kinds  of  cancers  even  prostate  cancer.    When  taken,  the  cancers   either   regress  on  their  own  or  in combination  with  a  therapeutic  agent.  This   has   been   studied   at  a   number   of  universities   now.  

This    estrogen   2-methoxyestradiol   is   so   potent   that   another   researcher   found   it   was   able   to   inhibit   fibroid   tumor   growth.   In   fact  it  is   thought   that   fibroid   tumors   are   a   result  of   a   deficiency   of   2-methoxyestradiol.     A    major   reason  women   deplete   this    valuable   anticancer   estrogen   component   is   stress.   When  we   are  under   stress,  our   bodies   make   more   cortisol  and  more  adrenaline.    Making   more   adrenaline  related  molecules    requires   more   methyl  groups ---from  methylfolate,   methylcobalamine,   trimethylglycine  and   anything   in  our   food   and   supplements   that   contains   a   methyl    group.    So   the   methyl   groups   are    no   longer   as   available   to   make   2-methoxyestradiol.   If   stress   is   long   and   unremitting,   it   can   open   up   the   body   to   cancer      because   it   depletes   so   many   methyl   groups    to  make   methylated   atecholamines,   which  is   methyl   groups   stuck  on  adrenaline  like   molecules.   So   2-methoxyyestradiol   is   made   in   very   low   quantities   because   those   adrenaline   like   molecules   have    preference    and   2-methoxyestradiol   goes    way   down.

Because   of   misinformation    many    women   are   afraid   to   take   hormone   replacement   because   of   their   fear   of   cancer.  Yet  in   reality   the   risk   of   cancer   is   much    less   if   hormones   are   balanced    properly    with    bioidentical   hormones   or   herbs    that   help   with   this   balance.      There   is   also   less   risk  of  osteoporosis   and   fractures   because   estrogen   promotes   healthy   bones,   along    with    cardiovascular   health    and   sleep.  


 Endometriosis   is   a   more   recent   condition.   Forty   or   fifty    years   ago   most   people   never   heard   about   it.   Women   just   weren't   having   this   problem.  Endometriosis   is   a   condition   where   there   is   an   over   growth   of   endometrial   cells   so  they  push  to  outside  of     the   uterus.   In  the   late   stage   of   the   menstrual   cycle,  instead   of   a   layer   of   endometriosis   lining   on   the   inside   of   the   uterus   expelled,   known   as   the   menstruation   blood,   some    of   the   endometriosis  tissues   grow   in  other   reproductive   tissues   of   the   body.   

Most   cases   of   endometriosis   are   diagnosed   within   the   pelvic   region,   on   the   lining   of   the   peritoneum,   in  the   ovaries,   and    on   the   surface   of   the   uterus's    outside   wall.    However,   the   condition   can   also   be   found   anywhere   in   the    body   such   as  the   fallopian   tubes,   the   cervix,   the   vagina,   and   even   the   vulva. 

20%  of   reproductive    women    with   endometriosis    present    without    symptoms.

55%  of   women   have    severe   menstrual   cramps.

25%  of   women  with   endometriosis   are   less   fertile   than  a   normal   couple.

Endometriosis   can   be   classified   into   different   stages.

*Minimal   stage:

Endometrial   cells   are  found   on   the   top   surface,  of   the   inside   wall  on   the   of   the   uterus,   ligaments,   and   ovary  in  few   numbers.

*Mild   stage:

Deeper   implants,   greater  endometrial   cell   numbers   are   present.   Commonly  found   in   the   same   area   as   a   minimal   stage.

*Moderate   stage:

Many   endometrial   cells,  endometrial   cysts   present,   affecting   ovary   function,   causing  scar  tissues   and   adhesion   are   also   present.

*Severe  stage:

Intensive  peritoneal  implants,   large    endometromas   present    and   dense   adhesion.  Some  women   may  have   extensive   endometrial   tissues   in  their   body   but   feel   little   or   no  pain,  but   other   women   in   the   early   stage   of   endometriosis  have   excessive   pain.  This   may   depend   on   the   amount   of    inflammation   there   is   in  reaction  to   these  excessive   cells   and   or   scar   tissue   caused.

In  Chinese   medicine   Endometriosis   falls   under   the   concepts   of   stagnant   blood   and   phlegm. 

   Stagnant   blood   is   where   local   stagnation   of   blood   is   due   to   circulatory   retardation   from   various   causes   and    extravasated    blood    held   in   spaces   between   tissues   or  in   cavities   or   tracts   are   filled    with    substantial   stagnant   blood.   It   may    remain    stagnant   in   different   parts   of   the   body   and   cause    different   functional   disturbances.   

     Disorders   caused   by   stagnant   blood   are   characterized   by:

      a.      Pain     -     This   may   be   stabbing   or  boring,  or  at   times   it   is   severe   colicky   pain.    The   painful   area   is   fixed. 

      b.     Hemorrhage    -    The   blood   is   often   deep   or  dark   purplish ,  or   it  has   dark   purple   clots.

       c.       Mass,   tumor   or   enlargement   of   the   internal   organs  in   the  abdomen.

   Stagnation   of   phlegm   in   this   case   refers   to   a   functional    disorder   of   the   spleen    that   may   cause   derangement    of   water    and    body    fluids.    It   may   stay   in   different   body   parts    and    condense.    When   it   is   retained    subcutaneously   it  takes   the   form    of   soft   movable   nodules.

Detoxification   is   vital   for   the   healing    of   Endometriosis.   On   a   daily   basis   you   are   exposed   to   chemicals   and   toxins   of   all   kinds   and   they   must   be   cleaned   out.   Many   of   these   toxins   have   been   disrupting    your   natural   hormone   balance   for   decades.   They   enter   your   body   through   pesticides,   herbicides,   plastics,   food,   water,   skin    care   products,   direct  exposure   and   air.   Once   they   are   there,   they    are   what   is   called   hormone   disrupors,   where     they   mimic   hormones   such   as   estrogen,   causing    a   disruption   in   your   natural   hormonal   balance   by   affecting   hormone   communication   and   signaling.  

This   toxic   assault   taxes   your   liver   and   kidneys,   both   of  which   try   desperately   to   break   down   these   toxins   and   get   them   out   of   the   body.   However   it's   tough   and    the   toxins   do   damage    fairly   quickly.   They   significantly   affect    the    trillions    of   healthy   bacteria   in   the    gut   ( the  micobiome ),   which    work    to   metabolize    nutrients,   make    vitamins,   and   especially   detoxify    harmful    forms   of   estrogen   from    the    metabolism    of   our   own    estrogen   or   from   the   environment.   Toxic   forms    of   estrogen    can   increase   our   risk   of   breast   cancer,   endometriosis,   infertility,   and   autoimmune   disease.   When   subjected   to   this   stew   of   toxic   chemicals    and   hormone   disrupters,   you   are   open   to   getting   problems   with   digestion,   metabolism    and    inflammation.   Other   manifestations   of   toxic   exposure   include   worsening   PMS   symptoms,   early    symptoms    of    approaching    menopause   ( such   as   hot   flashes  and   mood  swings ),   and   a   tougher   transition   through   menopause.   These    toxins    negatively   affect   our   genetics    and    can   lead   to   cancer.

Estrogen   is   metabolized   by   your   liver.   It   converts   excess   estrogen   into   breakdown   products   that   can   be  eliminated   from   the   body.   Within   the   liver   there   are   three   main   pathways   through   which   estrogen   can   be   metabolized.   There   are   two   estrogen   pathways   that   are   toxic   and   unhealthy.   The   third   pathway   is   called   the   2-methyl-hydroxy   pathway.   If   the   body    can    convert    estrogen   along   it   you   will   be   healthier   and    reduce   your   risk   of   endometriosis   and   cancer.   This   pathway   can   be   supported   by   eating    probiotic   rich   foods   including    alkalizing    and    methyl-group    containing    types    of   vegetables   in   your   diet.    Vegetables    with    methylation-supporting    nutrients    are   the   very    same    foods    that    are   high   in   B   vitamins,   such   as   leafy   green   vegetables,   fruits,   whole   grains,   beans,   peas,   lentils,   sunflower   seeds   and   nuts.   Animal   foods   like   egg   yolk,   chicken,   turkey ,   fish,   beef,   pork,   lamb    and   liver   also   provide   methyl   groups.    Nutrients    high   in   methyl   groups    include    B12,   folate,   vitamin   B6,   choline   and   the   amino   acids   methionine   and   betaine.   ( However,   If   you    are   a   medium   to   low   energy   person   it   is   not   recommended   for   you   to   take   methionine,   as   it   could   make   you   feel   more   lethargic   and   depressed.   You   have   to   be   the   right   neuro-transmitter   type   to   take   this   safely ).  

While   a   detoxification   dietary   program   may   help,   sometimes,   your    body    is   so   overwhelmed   with   toxins   it   needs   more   help,  otherwise   it   could   take    forever   for   any   pain  abatement   and  start   healing   the   uterus.   There   is   help   available    with   a   special   Acupuncture   protocol   that   eliminates   the   pain   and   allows   the   uterine   tissue   to   heal.   

 Many    researchers   and   physicians    believe   that   toxic   elements    such   as    pesticides    are   involved    with    the    cause   of   endometriosis.    This   makes   sense    since    many    pesticides  and   other   toxic   elements   are   endocrine   disruptors,   such   as    Malathion,  Dioxin,  

Diazinon,   Glyphosate    and    some   other   pesticides  and   herbacides ,   and    can    cause    painful    inflammation    and    stagnant   in   all   areas   of   the   body.    Here   at   Sunnyslope   Healing    Arts   we   have    been    clearing   many  different   pesticides   like   Dioxin,  Glyphosates  ( the   main   active   ingredient  in  Roundup )    and    Malathion    from    peoples    bodies    in    from   5   to   12   treatments    with    astonishing    results.  

  Since   the    aerial    spraying    of   Malathion   in    areas   in   and   around   Los   Angeles   years   ago,   we   have   found    people   who   were   exposed    to   this    pesticide,   they    were   spraying,   got   very   sick   with   breathing    problems    and    all   kinds   of   sudden    painful    conditions.    Many    women    experienced    sudden    loss   of   their   menstrual   periods,   where    before   the   women    were    always   regular.   When   we   figured    out   that    the    cause   of   their   symptoms    and    painful   problems    was   the   Malathion    that   had   just   been    sprayed    in    the   area  (  and   where   on   the    news,  where    people   were   told    to   cover   their   cars   because   it   could   ruin   their   paint ),   we   administered   a   special    acupuncture     treatment    to    the    area    and    or   areas   involved    and    even    the   most    severe    painful    issues    resolved    by    the    time   the   treatment    was    over  and   stayed   resolved   permanently.    Over   and   over   again    patients    would    come   in   with    pain   and   then   finally   at   the   end    of   an     acupuncture   treatment   get   up   with   no   pain    and    remain    without   pain    after   that.   We   found    that   we   got   best   results   by    treating     certain    areas   at   a   time.     Also    women    who    were    always    normal    before    exposure    and    who    had    lost   their   periods,   after   significant    exposure   to   pesticides,   regained    their   periods    the   very    next    day    after    the    treatment.    Women    have    continued    to    come    in    with    these   Malathion    and    Dioxin    toxicity    related    conditions    for    years    after    the   spraying,    along    with    other   pesticide    toxicity    and    continue   to   get    great   and   dramatic   relief   from    these   issues.

It  is   also   interesting   to   note   that   Monsanto   began  selling   Roundup -  the   main   active   ingredient  of   which   is   glyphosate  -  1974.  So   glyphosates  have  been   found  involved   in   the   abnormal   endometrial

tissues.  It   may   account   for   the  many  cases   of   early   menses.


This   special    Acupuncture   treatment    and    needle   free   Acupuncture    treatment    works   so    well   for    endometriosis   it   is   astonishing,   especially    for    the   patients    who    have    been    suffering    for    so    many    years    with    so    much    pain    and    who    have    tried    everything    short   of   surgery,    including,   of   course,     birth    control   pills    which    helps    but    not    totally    for    the    pain    and    does    not    resolve    the   problem.   Young    women    of   child    bearing    age    want   to   resolve    this    condition    so    they    have   a    chance    to    conceive.   Plus    being    on    birth    control    long    term    is   not   recommended    because   it   is   considered    by   scientific   research    that    they    may    cause    or   greatly    contribute   to    some    cancers   later    in   life,    such    as   breast    cancer.    

We   have   found    women    with    endometriosis   usually   have    pesticides    toxicity    and     considering    that    the    pesticides    are    hormone    disruptors    and    because    they    cause   so   much    inflammation   it    makes   sense    they   can   be   involved    in   endometriosis.    They   also    interfere   with    the   liver's    ability    to   process    all    the   hormones,   which    adds   insult   to   injury.    After   a    few    treatments    when    a    threshold    of   pesticide    elimination    is   reached    women,    with    endometriosis,   suddenly    start    to    experience    great    reductions    of    their    pain ,   often   the   pain      significantly   reduced    and    then    gradually   reduces    to   absolutely   no   pain.    While    going    through    this    easy    painless    non-invasive    process    these    patients    report    that    they    noticed    that    their    urine   has   a    really    weird   smell   and    different    from    normal    when    they   urinate.   This   is   common    and    a   sign    the   chemical   pesticides   are  leaving    the   body.   Other    patients    experience    a    chemical    taste    in    their   mouths    for   a   short   period    of   time    after    the   treatment.    These    patients    are   so    ecstatic    and    relieved   to   be   free   from   pain    after    years    of   suffering    from    this    painful    condition.   It   has   been    such    a   big    issue   in    their   lives   for   years,   that    they    can't   believe    all    the    pain   is   gone.   Before   this   treatment   they,    often,    have   tried    everything    including    diet,   supplements,   herbs    and    chelation    therapy.   

It   is   also    interesting    to    note    that   many    of   these   women    started    their    menstrual   periods   at   an    early   age   compared    to   the   norm.   Girls   started    getting    their    periods   at   an    earlier    age    here   in   Los   Angeles,   starting    just   a   while    after    the    massive    aerial    spraying    campaign    for    the   elimination    of   the   medfly.    This    was    in   1989   and    there    were   protests    to    the    aerial   spraying    as    citizens    realized    it    was    making    them   sick.   Fleets    of   black   helicopters   sprayed    areas   at   night   and    sometimes   right   before   sunset    you    could    see   them   flying   in   low   formation   over    you    as   you    are    driving    home    from   work   and    it   was   referred    to    as   Ecoterrorism    in    the   news   papers,    at   the   time.    Patients    who    grew    up   on   the   east   coast    also    got   dioxin    and    other    equally    disruptive   pesticides   in   their   systems   too.    Dioxin   is   one   of    the   chemical   components   to   Malathion.      Treatment   for   the   conditions   from   it    is   a   similar    careful   Acupuncture   based    treatment   as   it   is   for   conditions   from   Malathion,   including    for    endometriosis.    Glyphosate,   Round  up,   other   pesticides    and    toxins    are    also    often    involved,    of    course,   and    when    they    are   in    the   system   in   either   the   reproductive   system   or   endocrine  system,   they    can    be   involved    in    the    cause    of   inflammation    and   cause    of   the   endometriosis,   along   with   a   host   of   other   problems.   

The   difference    in    whether   a   girl    or    women    losses    their    period    after   being    normal    or    gets    their    period    at   an   earlier   age    then    what   is    considered    normal    depends   on    the    dosage    and    how   it   got   into    their    systems.    The   batch    of   girls    across    the    country    who    started    getting    their   periods   earlier,    did    not   get    a    big    massive    dose    from    the    aerial    spraying    like    the   women    who    suddenly    stopped    getting    their   periods,   however   there   was   a  considerable    exposure.    Girls    who    were   in    the   area    of   aerial    spraying    may    have    had    a   chance    to    excrete    some    of    the    pesticide    but    not    enough   to   prevent    them    from    still    effecting    their    hormones.   Girls    who    are    getting    their    periods    early    should    be    checked    to   see   if   they    have   pesticides   in    their   system   and    consider   what   to   do    about   it   eventually    because    the    pesticides    can    cause    a   lot    of   inflammation,   depress    immune   function    and   organ    functions    may    eventually    cause     serious    health    issues,   along    with    early    menopause.       

Women    who    are    also    going    through    menopause    exceedingly    early    should    also    be    checked    for   pesticides   in   their   systems.    This   is   such    an    emotionally    painful    issue    for    them    because    they    are   often    in    their   early    thirties   and    just   getting    ready   to   start   a   family.    Clearing    the   pesticides    out    can    change   everything.

According   to   government   cdc.gov   documents   below:

 According   to   government   documents   at   cdc.gov   there   are   tests   available   to   determine   whether   you   have   been   exposed   to   malathion.   Breakdown   products   of   malathion   can   be   measured   in   the   urine,  but   the   tests   need   to   be   conducted   within   days   of   the   exposure   since   these   products   are   eliminated   fairly    rapidly.   Maybe   some   of   the   malathion   eliminates  early    but   not   all   especially   after   repeated   exposures.  These   tests,   however,   do   not   predict   whether   or   not   the   exposure   to   malathion   will   produce   harmful   health   effects.   Another   type   of   test   measures   the   levels   of   a   substance  called   cholinesterase   in   your   blood.   This   test   is   not   specific   for   malathion,   but   can   be   used   to   determine   exposure   to  man   other   substances   that   act   in   a   way   similar   to   malathion.   If   the   levels   of   cholinesterase   in   your  blood   are   less  than   half   of   what   they   should   be,   then   you   may   get  symptoms   of   poisoning.   Smaller   decreases   in   cholinesterase   may  only   indicate   that   you   have   been   exposed   to   malathion   or   similar   substances,   but   you   will   not   necessarily   experience  harmful   effects.   Cholinesterase    levels   in    the   blood   can   stay   low   for  months   after   you   have   been   exposed   to   malathion  or  similar  chemicals. 


 This  section  discusses   potential  health  effects  from  exposures   during   the   period  from  conception  to  maturity  at  18  years  of  age in  humans.  Children  can  be  exposed  to  malathion  from  food  and  drinking  water,  but  these  risks   are  low  and  not  of  concern.   Because   malathion   is   a   widely   used   pesticide,  greater  concern  exists  from  exposure  following  application  to  recreational  areas,  parks,   and   playgrounds  and  from  home  and  garden  uses  of  malathion.  Children  can  also  be  exposed  when  malathion  is  sprayed, for  example,  to  control  mosquitos.  Because  children  spend  more  time  outdoors  than  adults,  they  may  be  at  a  greater  risk  of  exposure  to  malathion  than  adults.  Because  of  their  smaller  weight,  children’s  intake  of  malathion  per kilogram  of  body  weight  may  be  greater  than  that  of adults. The EPA permits residues of pesticides to be present in crops used as food, and these amounts are considered to be safe.  Children  may  be  exposed  also  by  dermal  contact  with  contaminated surfaces or by placing contaminated objects in their mouths. The main target of malathion toxicity in children is the nervous system,  the  same  as  in  adults . Children  who  have accidentally swallowed high amounts of malathion or who had skin contact with high amounts of malathion experienced difficulty breathing, chest tightness, vomiting, cramps, diarrhea, watery eyes, salivation, sweating, headaches, dizziness, and loss of consciousness, and some died. We do not know whether or not children are more susceptible than adults to malathion toxicity. However, studies in animals have shown that very young animals are more susceptible than older ones when exposed to high amounts of malathion. 

 Neurological Effects.

 Clinical  signs  and  symptoms  of  malathion  intoxication  are  typical  of  organophosphate  poisoning.  Malathion  and  its  metabolite, malaoxon,  inhibit  the  enzyme  acetylcholinesterase  and  thus,  prevent  the  hydrolysis  of  the  neurotransmitter acetylcholine  in  the central  and  peripheral  nervous  systems.  Continuous presence of acetylcholine at parasympathetic autonomic  muscarinic receptors results in ocular effects (miosis, blurred vision), gastrointestinal effects (nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhea), respiratory effects (excessive bronchial secretions, chest tightness, bronchoconstriction), cardiovascular effects (bradycardia, decreased blood pressure), effects  on  exocrine  glands  (increased salivation,  lacrimation),  and  effects  on  the  bladder (incontinence). At  the level of parasympathetic  and  sympathetic   autonomic  nicotinic  receptors,  acetylcholine   will  induce  tachycardia  and   increase  blood  pressure.  At  the  neuromuscular  junction,  excess  acetylcholine  will  induce  muscle  fasciculations,  cramps,  diminished  tendon  reflexes,  muscle  weakness  in  peripheral  and  respiratory  muscles,  ataxia,  and   paralysis.  Finally,  overstimulation  of  brain  cholinergic  receptors  will  lead  to  drowsiness,  lethargy,  fatigue,  headache,  generalized  weakness,  dyspnea,  convulsions, and cyanosis. The  signs   and  symptoms  described  above  have  been  documented  in  almost  all  of  the  cases  of  accidental  or  intentional  ingestion of  high  amounts  of  malathion  and  in  cases  of  dermal  intoxication. Lethal doses can be estimated from case reports to have been between 350 and 2,000 mg/kg. These dose levels usually inhibited plasma and RBC cholinesterase activities to levels ranging from undetectable to 10–30% of normal. Studies of workers exposed to a combination of pesticides, including malathion, have shown decreases between 10 and 50% in both plasma and RBC cholinesterase activities. In general, plasma cholinesterase activity can be inhibited by 20–25% without significant physiological consequences. Studies also have shown that the rate of decrease of RBC cholinesterase correlates better with appearance of symptoms than the absolute value reached after exposure. It was found that plasma cholinesterase activity in workers who exhibited cholinergic symptoms and signs was 17% lower than in workers without symptoms and signs. Similar findings were reported in another study (Ernest et al. 1995). No cholinergic signs were seen in a study in which the activities of RBC and plasma cholinesterase varied   less than 10% between pre- and postexposure. A study in volunteers exposed to 85 mg/m3  of a malathion aerosol for 2 hours/day over a 42-day period observed no clinical signs and no significant inhibition of plasma or RBC cholinesterase activity over the study period. In an additional study of volunteers orally administered 0.34 mg malathion/kg/day for 56 days, there was a maximum depression of 25% in plasma cholinesterase approximately 3 weeks after cessation of treatment. A similar depression in RBC cholinesterase was observed, but occurred later. Administration of 0.11 mg malathion/kg/day for 32 days or 0.23 mg/kg/day for 47 days did not produce any significant depression of plasma or RBC cholinesterase activity. No clinical signs were seen in the volunteers. As detailed in Section 3.2, numerous studies in animals exposed to malathion by any route have shown inhibition of plasma, RBC, and brain cholinesterase activities.  

  SUMMARY OF HEALTH EFFECTS Malathion is an organophosphate pesticide of relatively low acute toxicity compared to other organophosphates. Signs and symptoms of acute toxicity are typical of those induced by organophosphate insecticides as a group. Almost all of  the  systemic  effects  observed  following  exposure  to  malathion  are  due  to  the action  of  its  active  metabolite,  malaoxon,  on  the nervous  system,  or  are  secondary  to  this  primary  action.  Malaoxon  inhibits  the  enzyme  acetylcholinesterase  at  the  various  sites  where  the  enzyme  is present in the nervous system, (i.e., the central nervous system, the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions of the autonomic  nervous  system,  and   the  neuromuscular junction).  Inhibition   of  acetylcholinesterase  results  in  accumulation  and continuous action of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine at postsynaptic sites. Information regarding effects of malathion in humans is derived mainly from cases of accidental or intentional ingestion of malathion, studies of the general population exposed during aerial application of the pesticide for pest control, studies of pesticide users exposed to multiple pesticides including malathion, a few controlled exposure studies with volunteers, and cases of dermal exposure to malathion. Oral ingestion of high amounts of malathion resulted in typical signs and symptoms of organophosphate intoxication including reduced plasma and red blood cell (RBC) cholinesterase activity, excessive bronchial secretions, respiratory distress, salivation, pinpoint pupils, bradycardia, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, tremor, fasciculation,  and occasionally death.  Epidemiological  studies  have  found  weak  associations between exposure to malathion and developmental effects and certain types of cancer. Malathion has also been shown to be a contact sensitizer, and results from some studies have suggested that it  may  cause  adverse  genetic  effects.  No chronic effects have been documented in humans following exposure specifically to malathion. Studies in animals support the human data and confirm that the main target of malathion toxicity is the nervous system. Malathion induced liver carcinogenicity in female Fischer344 rats and in male and female B6C3F1 mice at doses  that  were considered excessive. Results from a series of studies in animals conducted in the last decade suggest that malathion can modulate (increase or decrease) some immunologic parameters at doses below those that induce neurotoxicity.  Although the physiological significance of these effects is yet unclear, it has been suggested that enhancements of the  immune response induced by malathion may be responsible for symptoms such as lacrimation, rashes, and irritation of mucous membranes seen occasionally after aerial spraying of the pesticide. The mechanism of action of malathion-induced immunologic alterations is not known. Neurotoxicity is the main effect of malathion in humans and animals, and the mechanism of neurotoxic action has been studied extensively and is well understood. Therefore, the section below will focus only on neurological effects. The reader is referred to Section 3.2, Discussion of Health Effects by Route of Exposure, for information on additional effects that may have been observed sporadically in animal studies and in human case reports, and are of unclear physiological significance  




The   primary   function   of   Vitamin  E   is   apparently   in   the   maintenance   of   certain   sexual   functions.   Research   found   that  73%  of   44   cases   of   spontaneous   abortion   showed   evidence   of   blood   serum   deficiency   of   Vitamin  E    and   it   became   generally   recognized    that   Vitamin  E   had   great   therapeutic   value   in   the  treatment  of   abortion.

Many  authors   have   commented   on   the   apparent   action  of   Vitamin   E   in   allowing   the   majority    of   cases   with   a   history   of   repetitive   aborting   to   carry   to   full    term.

The   role   of   Vitamin   E   in    pregnant   woman   is   to   neutralize    estrogenic    substances    which    resists   the   intrusion   of   the   placental   villi   into   the   uterine    wall.

Estrogenic,   androgenic   and   gonadotrophic    activity    have   been   demonstrated   in   wheat   germ   oil,  extracted   at   low   temperature.   These   effects    were   not   found   in  rancid   wheat   germ   oil.  

Great   food   sources   of    Vitamin   E  are   Avocado,   Sunflower   Seeds,  spinach,   broccoli,  nuts   ( such   as   almonds,   peanuts   and   hazelnuts)    and   soy   oil.     

Women   who   are   pregnant    or   might   become    pregnant   take   folic   acid  to   prevent   miscarriage   and   neural   tube   defects ,  birth    defects   such   as   spina   bifida   that   occur    when    the    fetus's   spine   and   back   do   not   close   during    development.     


Heart Health


Menopause and Heart Health

 Although   the   risk  of   heart   attack   does   not   increase   abruptly   at   the   moment   a   woman   reaches   natural   menopause,   the   rate   of   heart    disease   does   rise   sharply   over   the   course   of   the   decade  after   a   woman   reaches   her   fifties.   A   clear   picture   of   the   risks  for   women   between   the   ages   of   fifty   and   ninety-four   are  found  in  the   sustictics   where   there   is   a   31   percent   absolute   risk   of   dying   of   heart   disease,  a  2.8  percent   risk  of  dying  of   breast   cancer,   a   2.8  percent   risk   of   a   hip   fracture,   and  only   a   0.7   percent   risk   of   uterine   cancer.

The  most   significant   predictor   of  heart   disease  is   the   HDL  level.   Bad   cholesterol   levels   normally   increase   in   women   for   some  ten   to   fifteen   years   following   the   cessation   of  periods.  If   your   HDL   level   is   low,   and   LDL   level   is   relatively  higher  you   are  going   to    be   in  trouble.   Bio  Identical   estrogen  replacement   therapy   decreases   LDL   cholesterol   levels   and   raises   the   HDL   good   cholesterol   levels,   each   by   about   15  percent.   

  The   good   bio   Identical   good   estrogen  has   a   direct   effect   on   the   wall  of   the   blood   vessels.   Estrogen   appears   to  block   the   creation   of   plaque   resulting   in   open   vessels   and   good   blood   flow.

That  is   why   good   estrogen   reduces   heart   disease.

There   is   a   plant   that   grows   in   northern   Thailand    called   Pueraria   mirifica,   that   is   also   called   the   Thai    Kudzu.   this   herbal   remedy   is   the   reason   that    northern   Thailand   has    the   lowest   level   of    breast    cancer   in   the   world.    It    seems   that   this   plant   stops   the   proliferation   of   breast   cancer   cells    because   it   acts   as   a   SERM   beta  ,   or   selective   estrogen   receptor   modulator   of   the    beta    receptor,   which   stops   bone   loss   and   helps   prevent   heart   disease   and   breast   cancer   at   the   same   time.   It   is   far   more   specific   than   soy   or   red   clover   for   the   estrogen   receptor   and   it   is   the   beta   receptor   that   we   want   to   modulate   to   stop   vaginal   dryness,   depression,   insomnia,   and   bone   loss,.   and  it's   even   beneficial   in   maintaining   a   healthy   prostate   in   men.   this   is   a   natural   product   key   to  safely   and  naturally   reverseing   osteoporosis  with   no   drugs.   With   a   full  supplemental    program    osteoblasts   which    are    what   produce   bone   building    and    formation   are  stimulated    into   action.

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