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This  is  perhaps  the  most  ancient  form  of  medicine  practiced  in  the  world  today,  having  originated  in  China  over  3,000  years  ago.  Due  to  its  proven  effectiveness  it  has  been  embraced  throughout  the  world  today.

Acupuncture  can  reduce  inflammation  and  pain,  improve  function  and  mobility,  increase  circulation  and  promote  the  body's  natural  healing.  It  involves  the  placement  of  ultra  thin  sterilized  needles  into  specific  points  located  at  various  depths  just  below  the  skin's  surface.  It  has  been  time  tested  over  thousand  of  years  in  Asia  and  continues  to  be  a  valuable  and  popular  healing  method  based  on  it's  effectiveness.  Western  science  has  shown  that  acupuncture  points  do  exhibit  a  variety  of  physical  and  electrical  properties.  Stimulation  of  these  points  produce  definite  physiologic  reactions  in  the  body,  such  as  in  heart  rate,  blood  pressure,  brain  activity,  blood  chemistry,  endocrine  functions,  intestinal  activity  and  immunological  reactions. Western  medical  research  shows  that  acupuncture  has  the  ability  to  effect  various  biochemical  and  physiological  conditions  to treat  a  wide  variety  of fact exist. The needles in the acupuncture points act like switching stations to pull or push energy along their primary and secondary  routes  more  equitably  to  create  balance  and  wellness.
   Many  studies   have  suggested  the  possibility  that  the  analgesic  effects  of  acupuncture  are  produced  by  stimulating  the  release of  naturally-occurring  morphine-like  substances,  called  "endorphins"  in  the  brain.  Acupuncture  has  been  used  as  the  only anesthetic  in  many  operations  world  wide.  When  I  was  in  China  I  observed  and  witnessed  several  surgeries  where  only  Acupuncture  anesthesia  was  used  and  the  patients  where  in  fact  wide  awake  during  major  surgery  and  talking  and  responding  to   the  doctors   and   observers.

Ancients  discovered  and  recognized  the  meridian  lines  of  energy  in  the  body  and  today  science  is  recognizing   the  electro-magnetic  potential  of  the  body  and  the  existence   of   these   energy   lines.  Today   we  have  EMG's  and  MRI's   and  other  
tests   which   are  based  on  the  body's  basic  biomagnetic  system.  Research  has  found  the  existence  of   the  meridian  system. Meridians  are  like  optic  fibers   that   transmit  energy.  They  are  an  integral  part  of  human  functioning. The  meridian  system  is  very  similar  to  radio  in  that   radio  waves  likewise  cannot  be  seen   by   the   human  eye  but  we  all  understand  that  they  do  exist  

 Acupuncture  stimulates  the  release  of  endorphins  which  not  only  relax  the  whole  body  when  released,  but  they  regulate serotonin  in  the  brain  which  plays  a  big  part  in  our  moods.  This  is  one  reason  why  depression  is  often  treated  with  acupuncture  and  very  often,  along  with   simple  and   natural  supplemental  support,  patients   get   phenomenal  results.  Patients   can   go   from  suicidal  and   difficult   people   to   happy   higher   functioning   individuals.

Acupuncture  releases  the  spasm  cycle  which  muscles  can  get  caught  in,  causing  unrelenting  pain,  by  increasing  circulation  and allowing  nutrients  to  get  to  the  nerves  and  muscles  to  heal.  This  allows  bones  and  tendons  to  move  into  their  correct  position of  strength  and  comfort. Note: It  is  the  muscles  and  tendons  that  hold  the  bones  in  place  not  visa  versa.

The  World  Health  Organization  recognize  acupuncture  to  be  effective  analgesia  used  in  major  surgical  procedures,  effective treatment  for  drug  abuse,  a  diagnostic  aid  and  the  sheer  weight  of  evidence  demands   that  acupuncture  must  be  taken  seriously  as  a  clinical  procedure  of  considerable  value.
The  World  Health  Organization  drew  up  the  following  list  of  diseases  that  lend  them  themselves  to  acupuncture  treatment.

Upper Respiratory Tract                                               Respiratory System
   Acute Sinusitis                                                               Acute bronchitis
   Acute Rhinitis                                                                 Bronchial Asthma
   Common Cold
   Acute tonsillitis

Disorders of the mouth                                               Gastrointestinal Disorders
   Toothache, post-extraction pain                                 Spasms of the esophagus
    Acute and chronic pharyngitis                                    Acute and chronic gastritis
                                                                                             Acute and chronic colitis

Neurological and Musculo-Skeletal Disorders         Menstrual Disorders
  Headache  and Migraine                                               Menopause
  Trigeminal neuralgia                                                      Carpal Tunnel                                     
   Facial palsy                                                                       TMJ
  Maniere's disease                                                   
  Frozen Shoulder                                                            Emotional Disturbances
  Tennis elbow                                                                     Anger
  Sciatica                                                                               insomnia
  Low Back pain

Needle   Free   Acupuncture:

This  is  done  with  specially  made  Japanese  magnetic  acupuncture  point  stimulators  by  acupuncturists  specifically  trained   in   this   specialty.   These  Japanese   point  stimulators   are  placed   on  Acupuncture  points  all  over  the  body  in  specific  ways,  on  specific  Acupuncture  points  to  treat   a   specific   problem   or   problems.   Courses   training   licensed    Acupuncturists,   who   are   already   familiar   with   the   acupuncture   points    and   lines   of   energy   are   a   must   for   knowledge   for   effective   treatments   in   this   specific   treatment  style.   These  therapy  devices  are  now  being   used  to  relieve  and  eliminate  pain,  reverse  degenerative  diseases,  facilitate  healing   of   all   kinds of pain.  A   stiff  neck  can  be  resolved  in  ten  to  thirty  minutes.  Chronic  pain  responds  extremely  well  to  this  treatment  as  does  pain  from  cancer.   Cancer   patients   respond   better   to   this   treatment   then   the   traditional   needle   based   treatment.

   The  energy  field  from  these  devices  relieve  and  reverse  artiosclerosis,  Alzheimer's,  high  cholesterol  and  high  triglycerides.  It has  proven  effective  in  reversing  scar  tissue  to  normal  tissue.

  This  therapy  is   an   effective  treatment  for  infections  (bacteria,  viruses,  fungi,  and  parasites).  This  therapy   can   substantially help  with   mental   disorders   and   sleep   disorders.

   The  energy  field  of  these   devises   alkalinizes  tissues  and  releases  oxygen  from  its  bound  state  back  to  its  molecular  state. By  returning  tissues  to  a  normal  healthy  state  the  cellular  energy  recovery   relieves  inflammation,  swelling   and  other  symptoms  and  accelerated  healing.

   This  therapy  has  been  used  to  successfully  treat  cataracts  in  both  animals  and  humans.  After  just  several  weeks improvement  in  eyesight  is  observed.  Macular  degeneration  also  responds  to  this  therapy.


This is one of a few major styles of acupuncture. It is considered the gentlest form while being highly effective. In general terms Japanese acupuncture is unique in it's efficiency and precision. Techniques often are directed at using the minimal amount of stimulation to attain the greatest results.


This  technique  is  growing  in  popularity  because  it  effectively  treats  both  chronic  and  acute  pain  in  a  hurry  with  no  side  effects. This   technique  is  being  used  by  the  Air   Force  in  war  zones   like    Iraq  and  Afghanistan.  It  is   effective   in  treating  all   kinds   of   pain,    headaches,    tumors,   allergic   rhinitis,  allergic  asthma,   hypertension,  facial spasm,  TMJ,  menstrual  disorders, joint  and  back  pain  and  it  can  tranquilize  the  mind  and  help  insomnia.

Two  thousand  years  ago  it  was  discovered  that  the  energy  meridians  of  the  body  were  linked  to  the  ear  and  because  of  that the  ear  can  reflect  conditions  of  the  internal  organs.   Since  then  a  French  physician,   Dr.  Paul  Nagier  and  the  Chinese  discovered  the  relationship  between  diseases  and  the   ear and  it's  value  in  diagnosis  and  treatment.  Research  in  this  area  has  made  Ear  Acupuncture  a  valuable  method  of  diagnosis  and  treatment.

Many  diseases  and  conditions  may  be  treated  by  this  therapy  independently.  For  some,  it  also  can  be  used  as  an  accessory  therapy.

The  treatment  uses  tiny  needles  or  spheres  applied  to  the  skin  of  the  ear  to  block  pain  in  as  few  as  five  minutes  and  can  last  for  several  days  or  longer.  There  are  virtually  no  complications  and  the  patients  are  subject  to  little  or  no  discomfort.  A patient  can  expect  a  good   result  within  minutes.   It  has  been  found  that  approximately  15  percent  of  patients  do  not  respond  to  this  type  of  acupuncture,  but  of  those  who  do,  which  is  85  percent,  their  pain  reduction  often  averages  about  75  percent according  to  the  Battlefield  Ear Acupuncture  used  in  the  Air  Force,  but  other  specialists  have  found  the  effective  rate  is  95%. The  frequency  of  application  and  the  duration  of  relief  vary  but  this   treatments   offers   real   relief   when  drugs  just don't provide  relief.  Ear  acupuncture  can  relieve  and  even  stop  the  pain  until  the  source  of  the  problem  can  be  resolved.

AURICULAR THERAPY is recommended for various painful diseases - relieving pain is the most important characteristic of auricular therapy. It is recommended for:
Pain due to injuries, such as sprains, wounds, fractures, stiff neck and sprain.
Wound pain, scar pain, phantom limb pain, pain after operations
Pain due to inflammations, such as tonsillitis, pharygitis or rheumatic arthritis.
Nerve pain such as headache, trigeminal neuralgia, TMJ and sciatica.
Pain due to Raynaud's Disease
Pain due to tumor
Hyperthyroidism, hypertension, facial spasm and menstrual disorders
Chronic diseases such as lumbosacral pain, shoulder and back pain and chronic gastritis
It has the function of tranquillizing the mind, relieving inflammation and relieving spasm and pain.              
Auricular laser therapy is a technique using an low intensity laser to stimulate the ear points and is suitable for old patients, children and those who are afraid of pain or needles. Small spheres may also be placed on the ear points to continue to stimulate the points.


 This amazing acupuncture technique applies acupuncture to specific centers of the head and scalp. It is particularly effective for stroke, paralysis, auto injuries, cramp, palsy, parkinsonism, scoliosis and migraine headaches.

It was first demonstrated to the public in 1987, at a conference in Beijing, when right after a treatment demonstration of scalp acupuncture the patient with paraplegia was able to get up and walk. Representatives from 50 countries were amazed and newspapers around the world reported on this.

For general cases one or two treatments a week for seven to ten times. For severe cases (e.g. paralyzed patients) they should receive a treatment possibly every other day.  However Carol has seen patients with paralysis gain total mobility in just one treatment.


This is an adjunct therapy that involves stimulation of the acupuncture points either with or without needles that facilitates healing, increased circulation and relieves pain through the use of a mild electrical current. This offers a needle-less protocol for children and needle-phobics and is used mainly for pain and spasm.


This is an adjunct therapy that is commonly used with acupuncture that involves heating the acupuncture points either with needles or without. Scientific research found that the energy moving meridians transmit infrared radiation from the moxa herb so the healing mechanism of moxibustion
is similar to needle acupuncture. The validity of moxibustion has been confirmed by many recent scientific studies. It has effects on the immune system, analgesia, the kidneys, colitis and muscle pain and spasm. The use of  the moxa heated herb may be used alone or with needles and it is warm and soothing to an area where it promotes circulation and relaxation.

Moxibustion can stop most cases of acute diarrhea quickly. Isn't that weird?


Acupuncture facial rejuvenation and acupuncture face lift treatments reduce lines and wrinkles
and helps restore skin to it's youthful appearance. It brings beautiful, more natural looking results in harmony with your face. It gives your skin and face a youthful glow. By the shallow insertion of small thin needles It can lift sagging skin such as jowls and bring energy to biologic pathways to reverse the ravages of time.  Results are immediate and can be stunning.  Acupuncture face lifts encourage immune system regeneration, hydration and cell growth. A treatment plan may also include customized anti-aging herbal formulas and Low Intensity Laser Therapy. Herbal skin care treatments for reducing acne scars and brown spots work to bring healing refinement to the skin. This is a very comfortable and relaxing treatment that can compliment a traditional acupuncture wellness treatment. Do yourself a favor and take an entire course of treatments for lasting results.


Low intensity laser therapy is used for cosmetic and facial rejuvenation and for people who are needle-phobic.  It is helpful in reducing acne scars and reducing lines. Research has found that the physiological effects of laser light at low intensity are biostimulation, tissue repair and regeneration, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. It increases metabolism at the cellular level. At the tissue level, circulation increases during and after the administration of the low intensity laser therapy. New blood and lymphatic vessels form and collagen synthesis is enhanced. The biochemical model research attributes  pain relief to a host of factors, including elevated endorphins and acetylcholine, decreased release of histamine and  increased microcirculation. Over 2,500 studies have already been performed using the low intensity laser therapy.

Low Intensity Laser therapy is used throughout Europe and Asia to treat a wide variety of conditions. Therapeutic applications of LILT which have shown promising results include: acne, arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, cerebral palsy, dental applications, fibromyalgia, headaches, hearing disorders, migraine, neuropahy, sinusitis, scars, skin disorders, tendonitis, wound healing.

There is no destruction of tissue and relatively little risk associated with low intensity lasers.


 This is an ancient technique that brings circulation of fresh blood to an area where stagnation of
blood and lymph needs to be moved to relieve muscle pain and stiffness. This is an adjunct therapy
and leaves your back looking like you have been attacked by an octopus for awhile but it doesn't hurt.