Anxiety & Depression


General Information

Anxiety  and  depression  can  stem  from  many   things   just  in   the  area  of your  body's  physical   chemistry  besides   personal   issues, family   issues, emotional  relationship  issues  and  financial  stress.   Anxiety  has  become  a  blanket  term  in  the  US,  but  the  reality   is  that  this  term  includes  several  different  physiological  states.   Practitioners   of   Oriental  Medicine   dig  deeper  in  order  to  fully  understand  exactly  to  what  the  patient  is  referring.  This   can  help  us  provide  better   support   when  the   term  

'anxiety"  is  used  to  describe  a  pattern  of  disharmony.  

Generally,  anxiety   is  a  normal  response  to  the   stress  of  life.  While  anxiety    creates  a  temporary   disharmony,   this  does  not  necessarily   contribute  to  a  pathological   condition.  Anxiety  disorders  arise  when  the  emotional  state  becomes  overwhelming   and   disabling,  commonly   presenting  as  over exaggerated  and  or  irrational  emotions  that  consume  a   person's  life,  constantly  interfering  with  daily  functioning.

Western  medicine   differentiates   anxiety   into  6   subcategories:

*Generalized   Anxiety   Disorder  -   is  defined   as   unwarranted   exaggerated   or   unrealistic   worry   or   anxiety.

 *Obsessive-Compulsive  Disorder -  is  defined   as  recurrent   unwanted  obsessions   or   compulsions.

*Post-Traumatic   Stress   Disorder  -   includes   anxiety   that   is  developed   after  a  traumatic   event.   It's  not   a  good   idea   to  let   your   kids   watch   Bambi   where   the   baby   deer   loses   his   mother.   Think  about   it,  to  a  little  kid   that   is  real   and   traumatic.   Just    sayin   -  something   to   think   about  if   you   haven't   already.   Based   on   that    who   doesn't   have   some   PTSD   from   the   media.

*Social   anxiety  disorder   is   defined   as  overwhelming   anxiety  in   common  social   situations.

*Panic   Disorder   is   defined   as   unexpected   intense   episodes   of   fear   which   are   often   accompanied   by   palpitations,   chest   pain,   and   shortness   of   breath.

*Specific  Phobia   Disorder   is   defined   as   an  intense   or   irrational   fear   to  a   specific   object   or   situation.

It  is  estimated  that  as   much   as   thirty  percent  of  adults  have  anxiety.    Anxiety   is   frequently  under diagnosed  or   misdiagnosed   and   it   is   common   for   individuals   not   to   seek  help.   Western   treatment   usually   consists   of   a   combination   of   psychotherapy   in   conjunction   wiith   pharmacotherapy.    Antidepressants   such   as   SSRI's,   TCA's    SNRI's   and  MAOI's   are  used   in  treatme nt.   Side  effects   can   include   cognitive   function    impairment,   sexual    dysfunction,  drowsiness,  dry   mouth,,   dizziness,   nausea,   agitation,    nervousness,   fatigue,    headache,   insomnia,   decreased    coordination,   and   gastrointestinal   distress.     Additionally,   some   of   the   medications   have    addictive   properties.

In   Oriental   Medicine,   all   emotions   affect   the   heart,   and   anxiety   can   stagnate   heart   qi   or   energy ,  causing   agitation,  palpitations,  chest   tightness,  mental   restlessness,   insomnia,   and   lack   of   mental   vitality.  The  consciousness   can  be   affected   by   heart   deficiency,  which   is  a  deficiency  in  qi,  blood    or   blood   health   and   or   a   yin   condition.   There   can   also  be   a   heart   excess   condition   with   heat,  phlegm   and   agitation.    There   is  also  lung ( or  lung  energy )   pattern   anxiety,   Kidney  ( or  kidney  energy  or  meridian  line  of  energy )   pattern    anxiety,     Spleen   ( or  spleen  energy )   pattern   anxiety    and   Liver ( or  liver  energy )  pattern   anxiety.   With   a   variety  of   possible   patterns,   differentiation   is   key.    Acupuncture   treatments   and  herbal  formulas   are  selected   based    on    the   pattern   anxiety.

The  Traditional  Chinese  Theory  of  different  patterns  of  anxiety  often  correlates  to  Western  medicine's  6  subcategories  of  anxiety  differentiation.  For  instance:

*  Lung  pattern  anxiety  is   often  associated  with  traumas   to  personal  boundaries   like  sexual  or  physical  assault,  and   is  often  associated   with   the   feeling   of  loss   or   grief,  unwanted  fear   of  dying,   inability  to  let  go,  sadness,  depression,  and  frequent   crying.   PTSD   is   a   common   presentation    of   this  pattern   which  is   exemplified  by  nightmares,   flashbacks,  intense,  uncontrolled  emotional  states   like   depression,  explosive   anger,  rage,  a   feeling   of   being   numb   or   detached   from   the   world,  feeling   of  easily   losing   control,  unable  to   concentrate,  and  being   easily  startled.   PTSD  is   common  in  combat   veterans,   victims   of   violent   acts,  natural   disasters,  serious  accidents,  etc,  and  is  an  example  of   the   lung   deficiency/heart   excess   pattern.   With  the  lung's   internal/external  energetic   and   meridian   relationship   to   the   colon,   intestinal   problems   like   ulcerative   colitis,  diarrhea,  or   constipation,  may  also  be   present.  There  are  several  Chinese  Classical plant  based  herbal  formulas  that  address  these  issues   along  with   specific  Acupuncture  treatments.

*Kidney  pattern  energy  is   a  fear  response.  Where   fear   is   the  underlying  emotion  behind  anxiety.  Kidney  pattern  anxiety  is  an  anxiety  with  fear,  panic,    and  phobias  (social  and  specific ).  These  fears  manifest  as  intense  sudden  emotions   that  present  without  warning,  or  with  repeat   episodes  or  attacks.  Other   symptoms   include  shortness  of  breath   or  inability   to  take   in  breath,  dizziness,  lack  of   will  power/ determination,  feelings   of  isolation.   If   the   kidney  energy   is  out  of  balance  there  is  also  mental  restlessness  and   palpitations,  insomnia,  irritability,   being   easily   startled.  There  is  a  half  dozen  different  Traditional  or  Classical  plant  based  herbal  formulas  and  Acupuncture  treatment  protocols,   that  support  the  kidney  yin  and/or  yang  along   with  the   heart   which  because  they  are   so  connected   is   involved   and   needs   support   and   nourishment  also. 

*Spleen  pattern  anxiety  can  develop  when  pensiveness   turns   pathological,  resulting  in  injury   to  the   spleen  energy  and   the   intellect.  Emotional   disturbances   will  present   primarily   as   worry  and  obsessive  thoughts   or  excessive   thinking. An  example   of   this  would  be  the  anticipation  and  obsession  over  irrational,  worst -case   outcomes   that   are   highly   unlikely.   This  is   most  commonly   associated   with  the   Western  definition  of   Generalized  Anxiety  Disorder.   Additionally,  compulsive  behaviors  like  OCD  are  a  common  presentation  of  primary   spleen   involved   anxiety   disorder.  When  the   spleen   is   affected,  digestive  problems  will  likely  be  present  in  conjunction   with   anxiety.  Signs  and   symptoms   will  include  poor  appetite,  abdominal   discomfort,  tiredness   and  pale  complexion.  The  Traditional  Chinese  Doctor  would  recommend  one  of   several  excellent   Chinese   Classic   plant   based

 herbal  formulas   and  specialized  Acupuncture   treatment  formulated   specially  for  each  patient.

* Liver  pattern  Anxiety  shows  as  anger  and   frustration,  and   is   exacerbated   with   stress;  it  often   combines   with   depression,  a  tendency   towards   sighing,   costal/flank   tenderness,  insomnia  and  feelings    of   being   constrained.   Liver   stagnation   inhibits   free  flow   of   qi  and  there  can  be  stiffness  in  joints,  if  let   go  too  long.  A  practitioner  of  Traditional  Chinese  medicine  will  recommend  a  plant  based  Chinese  Herbal  formula  that  are  most  calming  and   soothing  to  the  anger  and  agitation  along  with  Acupuncture  treatments  that  do  the  same.

  Sometimes  it  is  very   hard   to  tell   or   to  know   that   you   may   have   a   chemical   problem  and  most   of  all,  to  know   that  there  is  a  safe   and  natural   alternative   to   taking  drugs.. There   are   so  many   safe ,   highly   effective,   natural   alternatives  to  drugs  to  help  people   with   their   anxiety   and   depression.  Patients  come  into  our  office  on  all  sorts  of  anti-depressant  drugs   but  still  are  extremely  depressed,  full  of  anxiety   and   talk  of  suicide.   Yet   with   a   complete   evaluation  and   natural   treatment  we   see,   tremendous   over  all   improvements   in   their  emotional   and   mental  well  being,  their  attitudes   improve  as  they  become  over all  happier  and  more  balanced.  Balancing   the  chemistry   of   the   body   and   brain   is   essential.   And   with    Acupuncture    techniques   there   are   ways  to  clear   old   psychological   issues   such   as  heart   break,  anger  and  grief.   With   these  techniques  they   can   clear   these   issues   in  a  few   minutes.   Hard   to  believe   until   you  experience   it   yourself.   Acupuncture  techniques   can  also,  immediately  lift  a  person   out  of   a   state   of   depression   or  a   state   of   anger   and   rage.

Reduce Anxiousness and Anxiety

 Inositol  has the  ability  to regulate   serotonin, a  calming  neurotransmitter which  has been  proven  to  be  a powerful  brain  chemical  in reducing anxiety. It is a B-vitamin.    It  works  well  with  (SSRIs)  if  you  are  taking  those. It  is, also, important  to  remember  that  you  are  using  up  your  B  vitamins  to metabolize   sugar  every  time   you  indulge  in  a  sugar  treat.  Your  emotional   stability   depends  on  a  protein  snack  not  a  sweet  treat.  Nutrient deficiencies  can  cause  anxiety.  B- Vitamins  are  crucial  to  reducing  anxiety.  Their  deficiency   causes  deterioration  of  the  nervous  system, irritability, mental   confusion, apathy, depression, fatigue , sleeplessness, adrenal exhaustion  and  on  going  anxiousness. They  should not  be  taken  late in the day because  they  can  stimulate  your  system and  make  it hard to sleep. Take  them early  and  regularly.  


Ever hear  of  low  blood  sugar  (hypoglycemia)?  When  your  blood  sugar  (glucose)  level  drops,  you  feel  tired---your  energy  mysteriously   disappears.  Don't  be  blinded  by  claims  of  increased  or  instant  energy  with  sugar  laden  or  caffeine  laced  foods and  beverages.  The  roller  coaster  ride  they  provide  begins  with  your  blood  sugar  shooting   up in  a  burst  of  energy,  then  plummeting  downward.  This  rapid  rise  and  fall  is  accompanied  by  fatigue  and  loss  of  energy.  The  ups  and  downs  of  this  deadly  yo yo  drain  you  of  energy  and  can  effect  you  emotionally.  For  a  period  of  time,  you  are  on  top  of  the  world  and  then,  suddenly,  you  hate  everyone.   Here  at  Sunnyslope Healing Arts  we  regularly   test  for  blood  sugar  issues  and  hypoglycemia  is  becoming  more  common.  When  the  treatment  is  given  to  reset  the  blood  sugar  mechanism  and   the  blood   sugar  comes  back  into  balance  the  person  feels  an  immediate  improvement  in  their  overall  well  being.  This  is  one  of  the  issues   suffered   regularly  by   people   with  anxiety  and  depression. 

   Ideally, complex  sugars   gradually  raise  your  blood  sugar  level.  Sugar  from  fruits,   vegetables  and  complex  carbohydrates  is  slowly  released  into  the  bloodstream,  creating  a  gradual  and  prolonged  elevation  in  energy.   Refined   sugar  overstimulates   the  production   of   insulin   and   alkaline  digestive  juices,  interferes   with   the  absorption   of   proteins,  calcium   and   many  other   minerals  and   retards   the  growth  of   valuable   intestinal  bacteria.  It  ultimately   creates  a  prolonged  state  of  stress   that  drains   energy   and   the   immune  system.  

Compulsive Obsessive Brain Chemistry

 Compulsive Obsessive people may have extremely   successful  careers, fueled by their remarkable drive and energy, but they also may be crumbling internally from  continual   tension  and  depression. Often they are seriously depressed and may  have  suicidal  thoughts. They  don't  sleep  much  or  well.  They  can be  terribly  impulsive.  It  has been found that these people have high amounts of  the neurotransmitter Histamine in their brains and that this often runs in the family because it is a genetic  trait.
These people  will  often  use  alcohol  because  it  blocks the  histamine and improves  symptoms  bu t only   temporarily. There  are  healthier and  safer natural supplements that  work as well with  no  side effects or health risks. They should be checked out with a health professional  who can set up  a specific plan and  specific  doses  to  bring  the  brain  chemistry  into a natural balance.  

Stress Preventing Herbs

 White  Poplar  bark  when  used  consistently  over  time,  can  reduce  your  over  all  stress  response  and  help  you manage  your  weight.   It  has  salycilates  that  stop  the  adrenals  from  producing  the  usual  cortical  response  to  stress.  It lowers  the  stress  level  in  the  tissues. But  it  also  gradually,  helps  grow  your  adrenal  energy,  which  will  help  your  overall  energy  and  mental  focus. 

  Lemon  balm  is  often  used,  also   for   stress.  It  is   a   southern   European   native  with   a   delicate  flavor   valued  by  cooks.  It   is   also   used  to   ease   gout   and   toothaches,  calm   an   agitated   heart    and    regulate   the    female  reproductive   system.   

It   is   used   to   encourage   sleep   and   to   reduce  anxiety   and   stress.   It   has   also   shown    to   have   antiviral   properties,   especially  against   the   type   of  herpes   virus    that   causes   cold   sores,   and  to   help  relieve   headaches.    

Panic Attacks and Phobias

 In both, people  suffer  tidal  waves  of  inexplicable  fear. These "attacks" occur  with out  any  real  danger being present. Major biochemical  changes, however, are taking place  within the body during these episodes. A  sudden outpouring of  adrenal  hormones
in response  to perceived danger or  in response  to loading refined sugars, will produce many  common symptoms of anxiety: pounding heart, rapid breathing, racing pulse, rising blood pressure.  Anxiety attacks can  also be  a symptom  of low blood sugar levels. When  glucose levels fall too low,  the downward  plunge must be stopped, or  the result would be unconsciousness so the body releases a flood  of  adrenaline into the  bloodstream. The adrenaline  causes an outpouring of emergency  sugar  from the liver, refueling the brain  and saving  the  day. This can result in anxiety or a panic disorder. 

     Phobias  grow out of panic attacks.  The association  of  extreme fear, occurring in a particular  setting  sets the stage for irrational  fears that recur when a situation  is encountered again.  It has been discovered  and scientifically measured that there are many  biochemical  reasons for this suffering.  Some  causes  are  pyroluria (see  article  below), hypoglycemia, nutrient deficiency, elevated  blood lactate, a high  imbalance of excitatory neurotransmitters, food and  chemical  sensitivities.  

Kryptopyrroles A Cause of Anxiety

 A disorder called pyroluria is connected to a genetic abnormal production of a group of body chemicals called kryptopyrroles. These  pyrroles are  a  worthless by-product of hemoglobin synthesis. Most  people have  very  little,  if  any, pyrroles circulating in their bodies, (we  know  this through measuring levels of pyrroles excreted  through  urine.  Some  of  us, however, are  not  so fortunate.  Pyrroles  are  abnormally high  in  about:
30 percent of schizophrenic persons
40 percent of persons with psychiatric problems
11 percent of persons of the healthy population
25 percent of children with psychiatric problems
40 percent of alcoholics 

 Pyrroles do their damage by binding  to  aldehydes throughout the body and causing their excretion along  with the pyrroles. B6, being an  aldehyde, is, therefore, systematically  removed  from many sites to which it is vital and a severe  B6  deficiency results. Further they  seek  out and attach to zinc  so B6 and  zinc  are  promply  dumped  into the urine. 

 The loss of B6 and zinc is a psychiatric disaster. B6 is the coenzyme  (meaning absolutely essential)  in  over  fifty  enzymatic brain reactions  where  amino groups  are  transformed  or transferred.  B6 plays an  important  role  in  your nervous  system's balance:  It is required  to utilize protein for energy. Brain  depletion of dopamine  and  serotonin  occur  without  B6,  creating  ongoing  anxiety  and  depression.  B6  slows the conversion  of  pyruvate  to lactic acid, without  B6  there is an elevated  level  of  lactic  acid,  creating anxiety.  

 The circulating levels  of  pyrroles  in  your  body  may be  slightly  elevated  or profoundly   abnormal,  but  in  all  cases, these levels  rise even more when you are under  stress. 

Pylroluria runs in families and  chances are  the  same  anxiety and poor stress responses  will  occur in  other family members.  They may  also suffer from fatigue, nausea, sensitivity,  coldness, anemia, poor   dream recall and  even suicidal depression.

Some  signs and symptoms you may  be pyruluric  are; 

 * You have been anxious, fearful, or  felt  a  lot  of  inner  tension  since childhood  but  have  mostly  hide  these  inner feelings  from  others. 

 * It is hard to clearly recall past events and people in your life.

 * Do  you  have  bouts  of  depression and/or  nervous  exhaustion?

*  Are  your eyes  sensitive  to  sunlight?

*   Do you  have  cluster headaches?

*  Do  you   belong  to  an  all  girl  family  or  have  look  alike  sisters?

* Do  you  get  frequent  colds  or  infections, or  unexplained  chills or fevers?

 * Do  you  dislike  eating  protein?

 * Are  there  white  spots / flecks  on   your  fingernails  or  do  you  have  opaquely  white  or  paper-thin  nails?

 * Are  you  prone  to  acne, eczema or psoriasis?

 * Do  you  prefer  not  to  eat breakfast, or even  experience  light nausea  in  the  morning?

 * Does  your  face  sometimes  look   swollen  while  under  a  lot  of  stress?

 * Are  you  easily  upset  (internally)  by criticism?

 *  Do  you  frequently  experience  fatique?


Natural Substances VS. Drugs


SSRI Drugs VS Serotonin

The result of ongoing use of  SSRI antidepressents is the SSRI drugs induce a glut of serotonin and the brain compensates by down-regulating and shutting down, serotonin receptor sites. Scientific  studies show the numbers of receptor sites drastically diminish. No one really knows if these serotonin receptor losses are permanent. Drug companies will not undertake this testing- undoubtedly because a finding of irreversible receptor loss could generate a rash of class action lawsuits. However the body is amazing in it's ability to heal and regenerate and given the right environment with healthy ,  balancing and healing supplements it can become well again, as demonstrated in many individual cases.

   The choice American consumers might have had to relieve depression was a $12 bottle of L-tryptophan capsules or a $200 a month SSRI drug. Very shortly before Prozac made its debut, the FDA removed tryptophan from the U.S. market because a limited supply of tryptophan had been contaminated by its manufacturer..Now it is only available by prescription. One can get another form of tryptophan but it is not as good.


Missing Minerals that Disrupt Emotions

 In the United States today there is a loss of minerals in the topsoil. Of the forty-four minerals and trace elements still found in the sea, twenty have already disappeared from the land. Chemical fertilizers further deplete the minerals. Processing of the food can further deplete much of the nutrients that remains.

Serious zinc deficiency will affect brain function, creating severe mental problems, including learning, behavioral disorders and inability to handle stress. When zinc supplementation was given to zinc-deficient twenty-year-old students, they showed a marked increase in scholastic performance over one year.  

 Zinc plays a starring role in immune functioning and brain development and performance. A deficiency means poor growth,
 poor sexual development and a raft of emotional problems - irritability, fatigue, apathy, amnesia, depression - as well as poor appetite and a poor sense of taste and smell. There are over fifty articles in professional journals  that have established a link between anorexia nervosa and zinc unavailability. Zinc has the job of removing toxic metals from our brains particularly copper, lead, mercury and cadmium. Without zinc, high copper levels result in paranoia, violent behavior, mood swings and schizoid behavior. High lead content leads to learning disabilities and behavioral disorders. Mercury toxicity results in anxiety, emotional extremes, exaggerated responses and insomnia. Elevated cadmium causes hyperactivity, hallucinations and central nervous system toxicity.
Anxiety and depression have been observed in patients who develop zinc deficiency as a result of intravenous feedings. These people experienced prompt relief from their acquired depression after zinc was supplied.  


 Symptoms of magnesium deficiency may include irritability, confusion, personality changes, memory impairment, and learning disability. Also, magnesium prevents and corrects heart arrhythmias.  


 Both a deficiency and an overload of iron are common. Oddly both can cause depression and chronic, disabling fatigue. 


 A deficiency can lead to glucose intolerance (Diabetes).  Manganese is required to make acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter.
Major tranquilizers bind to manganese, causing a deficiency that results in contorted facial twitching. Abnormally high manganese often results in episodes of violence. 


 Excess copper may result in paranoia, aggressiveness and fearfulness. 


 This mineral has antidepressant properties at 200 micrograms twice daily. It is an antagonist to heavy metals, helping to remove mercury, aluminum, and cadmium from the body. It is needed in the production of thyroid hormones. 



 In the form of chromium picolinate, this helps to correct glucose intolerance in hypoglycemic thus helping to stabilize mood swings and energy levels. 

Nutrition links to Violent Behavior and Attention Deficit Disorder

 In a five year study conducted by the chairman of psychiatry at the University of California, Irvine, levels of manganese (not magnesium!) were found to be over 400 % higher in 63% of violent criminals (verses 11% of the nonviolent controls).
  Researchers were even more surprised when 3 other studies reported that children with attention deficit (ADD) had 100 % higher amounts of manganese that non ADD children. One source has been identified. Infant formulas contain 40 to 60 times more manganese content than the manganese naturally present in mother's milk. Over 30 scientific papers now report significant reductions in aggressive and violent behavior by lowering the toxic element levels.
  Help for irritability, sudden anger and violence can be found in taking Tryptophan 500mgs one capsule 3 times a day. Also classic Chinese herbal formulas offer considerable help with these issues and other supplements specific for each individual. 

Basil - Help for Stress, PTSD, and Mercury Protection

 Basil has high quantities of the most bioavailable antioxidants and due to their smaller size and molecular weight they move more freely throughout the body then other phytochemicals. Basil digests easily and moves through the intestinal wall easily. There is a long tradition of chewing basil after a meal to improve digestion. It is best fresh or just picked off the plant. Basil chelates mercury out of mice according to one clinical study. It has been classified as a adaptogenic herb which denotes a plant that helps people adapt to stress.
In studies it has been found to reduce corticosterone levels in response to stressful stimuli.  Enjoy your pesto! 

Stressed Out - A Simple Tip to Help

    A Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index showed that women between the ages of 45 and 64 have the worst well-being of any age group in America. Because women are struggling to balance family, work, caring for parents and managing their own health, they have a lot of stress.  If that isn't enough stress, many women then pile guilt on themselves for not balancing all those responsibilities well enough. Add to that  poor diet, raging hormones, lack of sleep and instability in the world.
   When your body is under stress, it releases the hormone cortisol-which in turn drives cravings for more sugar or carbohydrate. Raw organic Ashwagandha helps with those stress-related food cravings and the stress.
   Ashwagandha has been used in Ayurvedic  medicine for over 5,000 years.  As an adaptogenic herb it helps your body cope with many different stress factors. In a gold standard placebo-controlled clinical study performed in India on a group of 64 adults all  under stress, taking 300mg of raw organic Ashwagandha twice a day substantially reduced the participants cortisol levels and helped manage their stress and the stress related cravings they were dealing with. 

Seseme Seeds a Super Food - Parkinson's, Depression and Dementia

 Black seseme seeds are black from melanin pigment, the same as in dark hair and human skin.  Melanin protects our skin from the suns rays but it is also stored in our brains, however white people have less in the skin and brain. This leaves them more prone to brain oxidation from free radicals and hence, have the highest rates of Parkinson's disease  and dementia.  African American people almost never get Parkinson's disease for this reason. Some suggest that low dopamine levels also comes from this oxidation.  The melanin in black sesame seeds can help with Parkinson's and depression.  They are also an hair tonic in that if you take black seseme seeds for six months or more they will turn grey hair dark again.  However that  has to be done with good nutrition and good health. In Chinese medicine they believe the hair goes grey when one has weak kidneys. I met a ninety year old woman in China who had bound feet and I asked her if they hurt and she said no. I noticed her hair was so  beautiful  and shinny black.  I knew she had to be older because of her bound feet a practice that was banned a long time ago. I asked her age and her daughter answered ninety and I asked how she kept her hair so black and she said it was natural and not dyed. So if her feet were bound she came from a well to do family and had a good herbalist taking care of the family and her hair showed her good health and they said it came from good health.  Eating black sesame seeds can only help your health. 

Home Meters Effecting Your Health

   There are a growing number of activists who are protesting the use of Smart Meters
due to health concerns. Smart meters are the digital meters that the electric companies are replacing the old analog meters with. The concern is that they emit radio frequency (RF) that is so high it is harmful to human health. People living with the meters are claiming mild to severe symptoms that are effecting their: Concentration and memory problems and they are experiencing dizziness, tinnitus, heart palpitations, headaches, insomnia, nausea, anxiety and behavioral problems in children.  Researchers are saying that during peak use they emit over 1000 times that of a cell phone. They are concerned about how high does the radiation have to go before the body starts cooking. Concerns are especially for children and people who are chronically ill, are immune system compromised and those with pace makers.
 There are people trying to find ways to protect themselves from these meters by wrapping metal around them or putting empty paint cans on them to block the radiation from the meters.
There are numerous u tube videos showing things people are doing about them.
  I have found that people who are especially sensitive to them also have mercury poisoning and those who have a lot of metal in their mouths from dental work.