Background & Testimonials


Academic Information

 Carol Howard is a Licenced Acupuncturist by the State of California, a primary care provider, has been providing alternative health care, Traditional Chinese Medical and integrated healthcare since 1982.   As an Energetic healer,  Naturapath and health coach she has dedicated  her life to studying the healing arts and holds diplomas and certificates in many modalities. Her passion is to bring people into a chronic state of health and bring harmony to their body mind and spirit.  She supports and guides people to make any lifestyle changes necessary for their best possible  health. She has  special interest in bringing energetic healing principles into the fitness industry, as well as helping those living with chronic pain and disease.  She is delighted to offer Harmony "needle Free" Acupuncture that deeply relaxes you to your bones, melting away every tight  muscle, spasm and pain. 

Background History

 While in college I contracted a cold that turned into walking pneumonia and after a few  weeks on anti-biotics I was worse and very weak. About this same time I had a dream where a European woman came to me and said the name of a specific herb and that it clears congestion out of the lungs that just wont move. When I woke up I wrote it down and wondered if there was any truth to it. At this time herbology was not anything I knew about and I was not at all familiar with it and had no belief in it. But soon I met a European woman who worked with and knew all about herbs and was a trained in pharmacology in Europe. When I asked her about this herb she confirmed what I was told in the dream. I got the herb and a few other things she recommended and I was perfectly well in twenty-four hours. It was like night and day. After that I had a few more dreams about herbs including Chinese herbs and to my complete surprise they turned out to be accurate information down to some odd details. I had not heard of any of the herbs that I was told about in those dreams at all before the dreams nor after until I was able to research them.  So I became an information thirsty student of herbs, nutrition and the natural healing field.  The more I learned the more fascinated I became. 

Around this same time while I was still in college I picked up a book about Ayurvedic medicine and an acupressure system for healing the body.  It was a complex system based on some interesting theories. I studied it and was curious as to whether it could actually be a pliable process that could actually get results. I tried it with some friends and found that I could actually feel the energy move from one hand to the other at the same time as the person receiving the treatment was feeling a change and that pain and stress was relieved.  The fact that I could also feel what felt like a wave move  from hand to hand with a corresponding effect for the person receiving the treatment got me more interested.  This lead to more courses, classes, seminars and eventually to Acupuncture college and then to Biejing, China and Japan.

Also along the way I heard about Theresa Pfrimmer who had found and developed a method of muscle therapy for the correction of crippling conditions and much more. I had to check it out so I went to Canada to learn this from her in July of 1979.  I was the first person from Los Angeles and California to study this therapy.  It is Deep Muscle Therapy and the method and technique has been stolen by many people claiming they discovered this method but there was no one else doing this before her. When I came back there were people flying in from all over the state to get treatments 
from me because they too had read about this great therapy that is now much more commonly known. 


 Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Beijing) China
 Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Cupping - Diploma          1982
Doctorate of Oriental Medicine                                                   1986                                                    
Extensive training in Nutrition and Herbology  since               1975
California Institute of Physical Rehabilitation                           1975
Bachelor of Arts                                                                            1976
Diploma  Ayurvedic medicine                                                      1977
Ongoing Courses on Homeopathy  since                                   1977 
Cranial Sacral Therapy      1980                                                                                                                

 Deep Muscle Therapy -  Canada   1979                                                                                                        
Seminars in Stress Analysis                                                         1977-2007
Diploma Polarity Therapy                                                             1978                                       
Training in Reflexology since                                                        1979
Ongoing Education in Chinese Herbology since                         1977
Tokyo, Sendai  Japan  - Japanese Acupuncture                  1982

Testimonials and Thank You Letters


Dear Carol:

I just wanted to let you know that you did work a miracle!  My back spasm disappeared and did not return.  I was able to fly home the next day with minimum discomfort.  I've been taking it easy, just to give my back a rest, but today I walked a mile with absolutely no problems.  Whenever I have had back spasm in the past, it has always taken me several weeks to get comfortable.

Thanks for seeing me on such short notice and for working the " miracle".

Geraldine F. Pilzer

Dear Carol:

Thank You for your spirit, your love and being there for me during a real hard time.  I am doing so much better and I am taking the pills you  recommended for me religiously and can tell they are working for me. I have been able to play racquet ball and I'm swimming regularly.  I feel great.
Thanks again for your gentle hands, spirit and warm understanding.

Jack Pratt


Thank You for being on of healing, for me you wre a God send. Not much in life comes without good health. You are worth your being in diamonds.
Thank You!   Thank You!

Mark Fleuz

Dear Carol:

Just wanted to say thanks again for taking me on such short notice and saving me.  You really are a miracle worker and I am most thankful to have come ino your grips or shall I say 'diggyfingers'.

I am doing 100% better, am taking it slow , excerising more and all of the rest of that garbage. I hope that life is treating you well and that you always find happiness.


Dear Carol:

Thank you for all the work you did to clear up my allergies. I can now  breath through my nose and have a life!  I no longer have headaches and my energy is better.  I sleep better and have a better
attitude and disposition.  I also look better. 

Thanks again

Dear Carol:

Thank you  for helping me through this difficult time in my life.  Thanks to  your treatments that made the pain disappear for days at a time, I can deal with everything.  It has been a miracle considering the cancer I have been dealing with.  I don't know how I would have done with out your help.  I am so greatful for the needle free treatments because I have not wanted to deal with more needles - not even acupuncture needles.  Drugs just don't do what your treatments do. 

Thanks again so much

Dear Carol:

Thank you for your understanding and wisdom of mental and emotional issues.  You got me through some stuff that would have normally taken years to work through in one session.  It is so great that you can help people the way that you do.