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Neurotransmitter Balancing - help for Depression, Anxiety, 

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 With extensive symptom screening and tests that analyze the body's condition a personalized program of health and nutrition are recommended for you.  Your body is checked by several systems which can tell which organs  or  glands  are stressed and needing support and where there may some deficiency. stagnation, heat, cold, inflammation or infection. Basic minerals are checked to see if there is a nutritional deficiency or an imbalance due to over consumption or genetic type.  Hormones are also checked along with any chemicals or substances that might cause hormonal disruption.


 Developed by Osteopathic physician John E. Upledger following extensive scientific studies at Michigan State University this gentle , hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of a physiological body system called the craniosacral system is done using soft touch to release restrictions in the craniosacral system to improve the functioning of the central nervous system.

By complementing the body's natural healing processes, this technique is used for a wide range of medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction, including: Headaches, neck and back pain,
motor-coordination impairments, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, scoliosis, emotional difficulties, TMJ, Post-Traumatic stress disorder and stress related problems. 


  Homeopathy is a method of medical treatment which stimulates the body's own healing processes in order to cure  illnesses. It is based on the discovery that a substance can cure the same symptoms it can cause. The science was founded by Dr Samuel Hahnemann where he furthered the known theory that "likes are cured by likes". He found that an appropriately prepared dilution provided a faster and harmless healing effect. Upon this principle lies the basis of modern homeopathic remedies and practice used by physicians and patients worldwide. The principles are that symptoms of illness may be cured by the administration of substances which produce, in a healthy person, symptoms similar to those of the condition being treated.

For instance, if a person where to drink too much strong coffee late in the day or evening and now they are wired and can't go to sleep but need to get the rest - they can take Coffee cruda 12x or 30x and
that will usually neutralize the effects of the coffee taken earlier in the day. However if you drink a cup of
coffee and then immediately take the remedy to see if it will work it most likely won't because fresh coffee on the palate will neutralize the remedy or any homeopathic remedy. You have to wait a few hours to try this remedy.

Homeopathy can be used for colds and common complaints along with more chronic conditions.
It is easy to give to children and is agreeable to them.    


 These  are  homeopathic remedies prepared from wild flowers  and the action of these flower essences is to raise our vibration and open up channels for healing.  They were developed by Dr. Edward Bach who was an immunologist and bacteriological researcher and prepared vaccines that were widely used by the orthodox medical profession. After a long career he left that and developed the flower essence remedies. They are known for treating mental and emotional illness and address different kinds of fears, uncertainty, despondency, despair, loneliness, dread, anxiety, irritability, worries and some faults and failings.  There are 39 different Bach flower remedies and with a simple check
a remedy can be found for you that has no side effects and is inexpensive and well worth a try. 

Bach Flower remedies are inexpensive and relieve stress and emotional imbalance in humans and 
animals for over 75 years. They help alleviate all kinds of fears. Try them for

        stress                                 fears                     jealousy
       self pity                               self hatred                           discouragement
        exhaustion                         discouragement                 hopelessness
                        despair                 guilt         dominance & inflexibility
          lack of confidence             Shock                 living in the past
                        Pride       impatience        inability to say no 



There are herbal medicine traditions from all over the world. The Chinese plant based herbal system is the most researched, best documented and the most fully developed herbal system in the world.  The American and European herbal traditions have been somewhat lost due to witch trials and negative propaganda from drug companies.

Far less people have been harmed or died from taking herbs then people have from drugs. The people that have been harmed or died has been because they have taken excessive amounts of herbs not meant to be used or taken that way in the herbal traditions. Yet a lot of people have a fear of them.

Chinese herbs and herbal formulas combine ancient traditional Taoist health principles with cutting-edge scientific knowledge. However there is a lot of knowledge and information on American and European herbs too.  If you are interested an herb or a formula or a regimen can be developed specifically for your physical and emotional well being. Only plant based herbs are used. The herbals are manufactured by a reputable Japanese Pharmaceutical company under the most strictest sterile standards and highest quality herbs guaranteed free of pesticides and other contanimants.

 Some of the conditions that can be helped by herbal medicine.

Slow aging                                          Headaches
Gain Energy                                        Heaviness in the Head
Mental Clarity                                      Nasal Congestion
Reduce Stress                                   Sore Throat
Fertility                                                  Loss of Voice
Immune Efficiency                             Coughing
Aching Muscles                                  Stomach Aches
Lack of Appetite                                  Edema
Sore Muscles and tendons              Diarrhea
Constipation                                        Menstrual problems
Anxiety                                                   Skin inflammations
Frequent Urination                             Insomnia
Anger                                                    Menopause




 My patients say this is like a rejuvenating vacation that gets rid of the feelings that are associated with burn-out and it lifts heavy feelings when you are going through grief. It lightens the load and the treatment can be done by  acupressure or acupuncture. Neurotransmitters are the natural chemicals in our brains and released by receptor sites in the brain that allow us to feel calm, happy, deal with life's ups and downs and have a normal emotional balance. The neurotransmitter balancing treatment can get people feeling better faster. However for some people they need some help to balance
their brain chemistry to help with concentration, depression etc., through natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids( proteins) to feed their brain in individual and special ways. This can be addressed and treated here too.

Furthermore there are findings from a huge body of research that are applicable to anyone whose biochemistry is causing emotional discomfort, promoting substance abuse and other psychological symptoms no matter if it is from malnourishment or a genetically predisposition.

So many things effect the brain and can cause depression. Blood sugar problems, low grade infections of different kinds, organ health, hormones, allergies, toxic chemical exposure and nutrition can all have an effect on the brain and your emotions. Through extensive symptom screening, history and tests the underlying biochemical glitches can be revealed and there are natural substances of all kinds that can make a real difference.

 Linus Pauling who won two Nobel Prizes for chemistry studied mental disorders, focusing on underlying biochemical dysfunctions. He said "The mind is a manifestation of the structure of the brain itself". He called mental disorders "molecular disease" and he coined the definition of orthomolecular
therapy. He gave a scientific identity to the role of nutrition in psychiatry. He challenged doctors to become aware of the overwhelming amount of information that was pouring in from all over the world, documenting the vital role natural chemicals play in brain function and mental disorders. Yet a recent
study showed that while 74 percent of the first-year medical students believed that a knowledge of nutrition is important to their career, by their third year of learning how to match drugs to symptoms, the number dropped to 13 percent.   Another genius, Roger Williams, PH.D., a University of Texas Biochemist, discovered that actual optimal levels of natural brain chemicals can differ widely from person to person and on the same
recommended daily allowance, one person stays healthy while another limps through life never feeling normal. Studies on zinc have found that it has an effect on neurotransmitters in the brain and while it can help one person feel better, in another person it can make them feel hyper, depressed and worse.

Carl Pfeiffer,PhD.,M.D. was a scientist who discovered that blood histamines levels were elevated in the lab tests of obsessive-compulsive individuals. With natural substances these patients improved, their histamine levels dropped and their depression lifted. In patients with very low levels of brain histamines, Pfeiffer found that they were likely to be paranoid and have hallucinations. Pfeiffer research found what natural substances could make or block histamine in the brain.

Remember tryptophan, an amino acid that the body use to make serotonin the neurotransmitter that
helps you to sleep and avoid depression. They took that off the market just in time to introduce SSRI drugs to artificially try to duplicate what tryptophan does but SSRI drugs artificially speeds up the pumping of serotonin in the brain and also blocks reabsorption. SSRI drugs can't make serotonin it just plays with the brain's uptake  mechanisms and because of the glut  of serotonin, the brain compensates by down-regulating or shutting down serotonin receptor sites. Dr Breggin documents animal studies that show the numbers of receptors drastically diminished and these are the sites the brain needs to function and to process more serotonin. Taking SSRI drugs can lead to unfortunate results, including severe agitation, violence and suicide (such results were made public in the hearings conducted by the US Food and Drug Administration in 1991). This is just one example why trying natural ways to balance the brain chemistry is worthwhile. 


FOR AUTISM - There are micro-nutrients that have been shown to work well for autistic children. There
are natural ways to bring dopamine and serotonin  levels up out of the critically low levels that are often found in autistic children. All  major neuro-transmitters can be involved with the autism along with toxic metals, other neuro toxins, food dyes and allergies should be checked.
FOR  ADD - Studies found that levels of toxic metals were higher in children with (ADD) then in non ADD children. They may have an autoimmune reaction to a vaccine or something else that trigger an autoimmune reaction that attacks and prevents development of the myelin sheaths of the nervous system so that nerve impulses (messages) are damaged. They may also have a genetic predisposition to some neuro-transmitter over production that makes them more high strung that can easily be tested for and managed with simple non addicting natural substances.  
So add several things together and these children are really challenged but can be helped.  

Blood Sugar and Hypoglycemia

 Problems with low blood sugar can happen when the blood sugar drops too low. It can happen in people who are having stress and not eating well and in insulin taking diabetics. People experience weakness, shakiness, foggy headed, lightheadeness, dizziness, fatigue, depression, moodiness and can be more emotional and easy to anger. 

The following diet is used to help re-establish the sugar control mechanism in the body. One should eat about six small meals a day about three hours apart. It is recommended that the diet be followed for two weeks.

Proteins: It is important to have protein at each meal. It can be as little as 3 oz of meat, chicken, turkey, fish, or for snacks an oz of cheese or an oz. of nuts or nut butter.
                                 Red meat  
                                 Cottage Cheese   Vegetables:
                                 Green vegetables - unlimited
                                 Yellow vegetables - small portions

Fruits:                      All fresh fruits are allowed in unlimited quantity.
                                All canned, frozen fruits and fruit juices must be unsweetened.

Beverages:              Coffee, tea, milk, soy milk unsweetened, almond milk unsweetened.
                                Water - Mandatory!!         Drink plenty

Snacks:                   Nuts, Coconut, cheese - small amounts. 1 oz. or  a tbsp. of nut butter but watch that you
                                                                                                                                       don't eat too much fat.

Foods to avoid:      Sugar and most sweetners, like honey, molasses, agave sweetner
                               Alcohol - beer, wine, hard liquor, mixed drinks
                               All wheat products, refined white flour and refined whole grain flour, bread, pasta
                               Dried beans and lentils

                   HELPFUL HINTS

But   you  can  have  two  slices  of  RICE BREAD,  SPROUTED  WHEAT  OR GRAIN  BREAD  a  day.  You   may   have   roasted   rice.
Roasted  rice  is  made  by  placing   long  grain  rice  in  a  dry   skillet  and  brown  to  golden  brown.   Some   of   the   kernels   may   pop.  Cool  and  store  and  cook   as   needed   as   you   would   cook   regular  rice.   This   method   changes   the  utilization   of   the   rice   within   the  body.
You  may  use  STEVIA.


Kinesiology  is  now   a   well-established  science,  based  on  the   testing   of   an  all - or - none   muscle  response   stimulus.  A  positive   stimulus   provokes   a   strong   muscle   response;  a  negative   stimulus   results  in  a   demonstrable   weakening   of  the   test   muscle.  Clinical   kinesiological   muscle  testing   as  a   diagnostic   technique   has   found   widespread   verification  over   the   last   2   years.   Dr.   George   Goodheart's   original   research   on   the   subject   was   given   wider application   by   Dr.   John   Diamond.  Diamond   determined   that   this  positive   or   negative   response  occurs   with   stimuli   both   physical   and   mental,   and  his   books   brought   the   subject   to   the   general   public.  

The   research   reflected   in   this   volume   has   taken   Diamond's   technique   several   steps  further,   through   the   discoverey  that   this   kinesiologic   response   reflects   the   human   organism's   capacity   to   differentiate  not   only   positive   from   negative   stimuli,   but   also  anabolic 

 ( life - threatening ) from  catabolic  ( life-consuming )  and   most   dramatically,   truth   from   falsity.  

Historical  Background

In  1971, three   physiotherapists   published  a   definitive   study   on  muscle   testing.   Dr   George   Goodheart,   of   Detroit,   Michigan,  had   studied   muscle   testing   techniques   extensively   in   his   clinical   practice   and   made   the   breakthrough   discovery   that   the    strength   or   weakness  of  every   muscle   was   connected   to   the   health   or   pathology   of   a   specific  corresponding  body   organ.   He   further   determined   that   each   individual   muscle   was   associated   with   and   acupuncture   meridian   and    correlated   his   work   with   that   of   the   physician  Felix   Mann  on   the   medical  significance   of   the   acupuncture   meridians.

By   1976,  Goodheart's   book   on   applied   kinesiology  had   reached   its   12th   edition;   he   began   to   teach   the   technique   to  his   colleagues   and   also   published   monthly   research   tapes.

Initially,   the   most   striking   finding   of   applied   kinesiology   was   a   clear   demonstration   that   muscles   instantly   became   weak   when   the   body   is   exposed   to  harmful   stimuli.   And,  accordingly,  it   was   discovered   that   substances   that   were   therapeutic   to   the   body   make   the   muscles   instantly   become    strong.  

Since   the   weakness   of   any   particular   muscle   indicated   the   presence   of   a   pathologic  process   in  its   corresponding   organ  (corraborated   by   diagnosis   through   acupuncture   and   physical   or   laboratory   examination ),   it   was   a   highly   useful   clinical   tool   to   detect   disease.   Thousands   of   practiciioners   began   to   use   the   method  and  data   rapidly   accumulated   showing   kinesiology   to   be   an   important   monitor  in   a   patient's   response   to   treatment.  

 Practitioners   have   found   usefulness   of   the   method   in   detecting   allergies,   nutritional   disorders,    and   responses   to   medications.

That   the   body  reponded   even   when   the   mind   was   naive   was   quite   impressive.   Most   practitioners   did   their   own   verification   research,   placing  various   substances   in   plain,   numbered   envelopes   and  having   a   naive   second   person   test   a   third.   The  overwhelming   conclusion   was   that   the   body   would   indeed   respond  accurately,   even   when   the   conscious   mind   was   unaware.

The   reliability   of   the   testing   experience   never   ceased   to   amaze 

the   public   and   patients   and   for   that   matter   the   practitioners   themselves.   When  in   an   audience   of   1,000   people,  500   envelopes   containing  artificial   sweetener  was   passed  out  along   with   500  identical   envelopes   containing   organic  vitamin  C.   The   audience    divided  up  and   alternating   testing   each  other.   They   were  amazed   with   delight   when   they   saw  that   everybody   had   gone   weak   to   the  artificial   sweetener   and   strong   to  the   vitamin  C.