PMS - The Good News

With all the chemicals in our water, air and food women are having more challenges with keeping their hormones balanced then ever. Some of the biggest hormone disrupters are pesticides.  It is important to avoid them the best you can. Try to always eat organic. It is possible to buy frozen affordable foods now that are organic.  Keeping your liver clean and in good shape is important. There are many herbs that can help in that area.  Most PMS is caused by what seems like low progesterone but sometimes it is a matter of getting enough B6 so the liver can process all the hormones properly.   Also my patients have had a lot of help from taking herbs at the time of the period. With the help of an educated doctor it is not hard to prevent and manage the hormone imbalances so there is little or no PMS.
This is a good thing to do to help relationships of all kinds go smoothly.  Whether or not PMS is caused by a cat virus, as mentioned in the news lately, it is still quit manageable once you know what you need to do specifically for your body. Even the most severe PMS can be reduced, relieved and managed naturally with no drugs. 

Soy - Strong Effect on Endocrine and Hormone Systems

Healthy  people  who  consumed  30  grams  of  soybeans  daily  for  one  month  were  found  afterwards,  through  blood  tests,  to  have goiter  and  elevated  thyroid  stimulating  hormone  (TSH)  levels  in  37  adults.  After  one  month  ceasing  soybeans  their  TSH  levels returned  to  normal.  This  is  why  in  healthy  adults  who  consume  larger  amounts  of  soy  milk  and  soy  products  sometimes  get  a racing  heart.  I  always  tell  patients  to  stop  the  soy  and  they  always  report  that  they  stopped  getting  the  racing   heart.
By  2015  one  in  four  parents  were  using  soy  based  infant  formula. Soy  flour  is  added  to  the  majority  of  baked  breads  and  soy oil  is  used  in  the  production  of  many  ready  made  foods  and  meals.  Women  who  ate  vegetarian  during  pregnancy  with  soy  as  a  primary  protein  had  far  greater  risk  of  delivering  a  boy  with  an  undeveloped  penis  then  mothers  who  had  smoked  and  drank  alcohol  during  pregnancy.
In another study with Marmoset monkeys they found:
Marmosets males fed dairy: Testosterone levels 2.8-3.1 ng/ml
Marmosets males fed soy: Testosterone levels 1.2- 2.6 ng/ml
Also soy is high in phytic acid, which is shown to block absorption of zinc and iron, minerals involved in testosterone production and much more. Highly fermented soy in miso or natto are very healing foods and have the phytic acid neutralized through the fermenting process. So the moral to the story is watch your soy intake. 

Endometriosis Help

For many  women,  the  symptoms  of  endometriosis  can  be  chronic  and  debilitating,  negatively  effecting  health - related  quality  of  life,  personal  relationships  and   work   productivity.  Since  endometriosis  is  an  estrogen  driven  condition,  research  into  chemicals  that  have  estrogenic   properties  have  been  studied.  They  found  that  despite  organochlorine  pesticides  have  been  restricted  in  use   and   or  banned   in  the  U.S.  for  the  past  several  decades,  these   chemicals   were   detectable   in   the   blood   samples  of  women  and  were  associated   with   increased  risk  of  endometriosis.  They   also  found  women  with  higher  exposures  to   beta-hexachlorocyclohexane  and   mirex  had  a  30  to  70  percent  increase  in  endometriosis  risk.  At  Sunnyslope  Healing  Arts  it  was  observed   that  when   women   were   exposed   to  the  aerial  spraying  of   pesticides   in  our  area   we   saw   an   amazing   increase   in   women   who   had   just   quite   getting   their  periods   where   before   they   had   been   always   regular  and   never   missed   a   period..  When   we  checked   them   and   then   treated   them   for   pesticide   poisoning,   their   periods   came   right   back,  usually   as   soon   as   the   next   day,    and   they   went   back   to  normal   cycles..   We   have   found   that   it   is   also    important   for   women    with   endometriosis   to   be   checked   for   pesticides,   such   as   malathion   and   dioxin   and   for   other  currently   used   pesticides.   Clearing   these   pesticides   out   of   their   systems    eliminates   all   the   inflammation,   thereby    reducing   the   pain   and   removes   the   need   to   take   birth   control   or   any   other   pain   control.    Gradually    the   swelling   and   inflammation   in   the   uterus   subsides.  The   treatment     process   can   take   from   three   to   about   twelve   sessions   and   patients   experience   their   urine   smelling   strange   as   the   pesticides   leave   the   body.    For   more   information   see   Endometriosis   Free   on   the  Women's   Issues   page.  


 Many   women   have   found   help   with   endometriosis   and   heavy   bleeding/periods   simply   by   eating   kale   and   chard   more  often.  High   in  Vitamin  K 1   it   slows   down   bleeding   functions   as   an  antioxidant,
However  it   is   not  good   for  people   on   blood   thinning   medications.   It  is   best  to   have   some   avocado,   goat  cheese  or  oil  to  go   with   chard   as   chlorophyll   and   carotenoids   are   exclusively   fat   soluble.   Also   due   to   higher   levels   of   calcium   and   minerals,   chard   plays   a   role   in   bone-building   and   fracture   repair.
Traditional  Chinese   Herbal  Medicine   have   vegan   based   formulas    that   treat   endometriosis   and   the   heavy   bleeding.  Acupuncture  and  Needle   Free   Acupuncture   not   only   can   reduce   the   pain   of   endometriosis   but   also   reduce   the   inflammation   it   causes   and   cause   the   area   involved   to   become   alkaline   in   order   to   produce   a   reduction   of   the  inflammation,   pain    and   endometriosis   in   the   body.   But   the   real   answer   for   endometriosis   is   clearing   the   exact   toxins   out   of   their   systems   through   the  acupuncture   detoxification   process  and   that   is   the   fastest,  most   dramatic   and   safest   way   to  becoming   pain   free.


   It  is   not   new   news   that  Endometriosis   risk   is   linked   to  pesticides.   Now    it   is   believed,   by    many   researchers    and   physicians,   that   the   pesticide   Dioxin   is   involved    with    the    cause   of   endometriosis.    This    makes    sense    since    this    pesticide   is   a   major   hormone    disrupter    and    can    cause   painful    inflammation    and    stagnant   in   all  areas   of   the   body.    Here   at   Sunnyslope   Healing   Arts   we    have    been     clearing    pesticides    from   peoples   bodies   in   from   2   to   12   treatments    with    astonishing    results.   Since   the   aerial   spraying   of   Malathion    in   areas   in   and   around   Los   Angeles   years   ago,   we   have   found    people   who   were   exposed   got   very   sick   with   weird    and   unusual   symptoms.   When   we   figured    out   that    the    cause   of   their   symptoms    was    Malathion,   we    administered   a   special    detox    treatment    to    the    area    and    or   areas   involved    and    even    the    most    severe   painful    issues    resolved    by    the   time   the   treatment   was   over.           

This   process    works   so   well   for   endometriosis   it   is   astonishing,   especially   to   the   patients   who   have   been   suffering   for   so   many   years    with    so   much    pain    and    who    have    tried    everything    short   of   surgery.     We    have    found    they    usually    have    a    body    full    of    pesticides    and    it   makes    sense    since,   because    the    pesticides    are    hormone   disruptors    and    they    can    cause    a    lot   of   inflammation.     After   a    few   treatments   when    a    threshold    of   pesticide    elimination   is   reached,   suddenly   all   their   pain    is   gone  or   if   it   is   not   completely   gone   it   is   substantially   reduced.   These   patients    are    so    ecstatic   and   relieved   to    be    free    from    pain     after    years    of   suffering    from    this    painful    condition.  

Thyroid & Endocrine Problems & Common Causes

There is, currently, an epidemic of thyroid problems in the USA. Much of today's bread has a dough rising agent called "potassium bromate". This competes for the same receptors used to absorb iodine in the thyroid gland. Iodine is like a spark plug that ignites an engine. If receptor sites in the thyroid are occupied by false iodine, even an adequate supply of iodine won't be absorbed. Floury and doughy foods (like pizza) are among the worst offenders. There are a considerable amount of bromides in flame retardants, some tooth pastes and especially children's toys and pajamas. Pesticides also have bromides.
"Elevated bromide levels have been implicated in every thyroid disease, from simple hypothyroidism to auto-immune diseases to thyroid cancer. Bromide levels were 50 times higher in thyroid cancer tissue than normal thyroid tissue." Med Radiology 1984
1990 UK prohibits bromate in bread
1994 Canada follows and bans it.
America still allows it in food.
   If you are not on a gluten free diet, a good alternative to traditional breads are whole grain crackers and often 100% organic breads and pizzas are usually made without bromide.

Women Care

When a woman gets pregnant and after a month and a half or so she losses it, miscarriage or what ever, milk has already started forming in her breasts. Starting right away after conception.  So she can get or have dry or congested milk solids in areas in the breasts. They'll have fine little lumps and those can be massaged with castor oil and massaged away from the breast. Also there is an herb called asafoetida that removes milk leftover in the breast after a miscarriage. It is also recommended that you avoid milk and dairy for a while along with eggs. Red clover is also helpful in this situation. White sage will dry up the milk. Slows down the supply of milk but it does not remove milk from the breast. Also a combination of white sage, wholy thistle and Rasberry leaves in equal parts is also good for reducing milk in the breasts.
For help with producing more milk for nursing, dill seeds, caraway seeds, fennel seeds, all your parsley seeds and a high green diet will encourage milk.

Urinary Track's Best Friend

Nothing restors strong urine flow in men and women then watermelon when the white rind is included, especially men with an enlarged prostate complaining of difficulty urinating. Amino acids in the watermelon, especially the rind, open urinary and sexual organ blood flow, which noticeably improves sex. It also helps people pee out kidney stones.
Some people have done one day watermelon fasts to increase urine flow and thus reducing edema. Diabetics and people with hypo-glycemia should not fast on this sweet fruit.
Watermelon and raw tomatoes contain predominantly all-trans lycopene, a lesser bioavailable isomer, but studies show watermelon lycopene is well absorbed. Lycopene is stored by the prostate, which directly effects urine flow. Studies show that the tomato's lycopene lowers Prostate Specific Antigen. When you eat watermelon you consume large amounts of lycopene and amino acids that dilate arteries in your urinary organs. Synergy of the prostatic carotenoids and aminos most likely explains why watermelon is the great kidney healer.




In   men   decent   testosterone   levels   are   essential   for  good   health.  Studies   show   that   it   is   important   for   healthy   blood   sugar   levels,  for   bone   health,   muscle   strength,  a   good   disposition   and   happy   mentality   and   keeps   the   prostate   healthy   and   even   helps   the   immune   system.   The   Joslin   Diabetes   Center   in   Boston,   which   is   one   of    the   premiere    diabetes    care   centers   in   the   world,   found   a   link   between   diabetes    and   low   testosterone.  A   number   of   studies   have   now   shown   that   between   40   and   50   percent   of   men    with    adul t   diabetes    have    low    testosterone   levels.   They    have    concluded   that   it   is   one   of   the   greatest   risk   factors   for   diabetes    in   men.   Other   studies   have   shown   that   men   in   the   lowest   25   percent   of   the   group   with   low   testosterone    ended   up   with   more   than   double   the   risk   of   developing   new   onset   of   diabetes.   Also   they   found   men   in   the   lowest    25   percent   had   two   to  three   times   the   risk   of   getting    fractures    because   testosterone   is   crucial   for   bone  density   in   men.     So    testosterone    is    good   for   bone   density    in   men    just   as   estrogen   is   crucial   for   bone    density   in   women..    Furthermore,   in   four   population    studies    involving    a    total   of   several   thousand    men,   men    with   low   testosterone   died   sooner   than    men    with    normal   testosterone. 

  Low   testosterone   leads   to   depression,   fatigue   and   grumpy   men.  

There   is   also   new   evidence   that   testosterone   doesn't   cause   prostate   cancer.  

A  lot   of   this   information   goes   against   conventional   medical    training    but   as    more   research    results   come   in   there   is   plenty   of   evidence   that   testosterone   doesn't   cause   prostate   cancer   and   that   more  men   suffer   from   low   testosterone.  Dr.   Abraham   Morgentaler   is   an   associate   clinical   professor   of   urology   at   Harvard   Medical   School   and   is   the   founder  of   Men's   Health   Boston,  wrote   a   breakthrough   book   called   Testosterone   for   Life.  

Starting   from    childhood   protect   testosterone  levels   in   boys.   

Baby   formula      Marmosets   males   fed   dairy:   Testosterone   levels   2.8 -  3.1  ng/ml

                              Marmosets   males   fed   soy:      Testosterone  levels  1.2 - 2.6  ng/ml

Cholesterol   in   eggs   is   a   precursor   to    muscle   building    hormones   like   testosterone .  Eggs   should   be   eaten   early   so   as   to   power  your   metabolism   during   the  day.   The   eggs   allowed   to   brown   are   toxic   forms   of   eggs.  

The   Chinese   herb   Epimedium    has   been  correlated   to    healthier   testosterone   levels   and   has   been   called   natures   viagra.  It   helps   athletic   performance   and   helps   with   endurance.   It   also  has   blood   pressure   lowering   effects.

Zinc   is   the   primary   building   block   of   testosterone.   It   is   necessary   for   immune    health   and   for   mental   health.   Nothing   has    more   zinc    then   oysters    but   it   is   also   found    in    pumpkin   seeds,   red   maca    and    egg   plants.

In    a    study    dietary    zinc    restriction    in   "normal   young    men "    was    associated    with    significant   decrease   in   serum   testosterone    concentrations   after   20    weeks    of   zinc    restriction.    Zinc    supplementation    of    marginally    zinc-deficient  normal   elderly    men    for    six    months    resulted   in   an   increase   in   serum   testosterone.   

Saw   Palmetto   a   phytosterol   powerhouse    has    been    scientifically    proven    to    improve   enlarged   prostate,   frequent   urination   and    incontinence.    It   is    said   to   prevent    the   formulation    of   dihydrotestosterone    from    the    testosterone    hormone,   which   is    some    say    is    responsible    for    the    growth    and    replication   of    prostate    issue.   High    levels   of   DHT   are   linked    to   male   pattern    baldness    and    some    forms    of   cancer.    As    men    get    older   they    convert   more   of    testosterone   into    this   more    harmful    form    called    DHT.    Saw    palmetto    reduces    DHT    conversion    and    relieves    prostate    enlargement. 

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