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Nectarines                         Pears

Apples                               Tomatoes

Grapes                               Celery

Peaches                             Potatoes

Bell  peppers                     Okra


Avocados                                    Sweet   corn

Pineapples                                  Cabbage

Onions                                         Sweet  Peas

Papayas                                       Asparagus

Mangoes                                     Eggplant

Honeydew   melon                      Kiwi

Cantaloupe                                 Cauliflower


Always   best   to   buy  organic   if   possible.


Black seseme seeds are black from melanin pigment, the same as in dark hair and human skin.  Melanin protects our skin from the suns rays but it is also stored in our brains, however white people have less in the skin and brain. This leaves them more prone to brain oxidation from free radicals and hence, have the highest rates of Parkinson's disease  and dementia.  African American people almost never get Parkinson's disease for this reason. Some suggest that low dopamine levels also comes from this oxidation.  The melanin in black sesame seeds can help with Parkinson's and depression.  They are also an hair tonic in that if you take black seseme seeds for six months or more they will turn grey hair dark again.  However that  has to be done with good nutrition and good health. In Chinese medicine they believe the hair goes grey when one has weak kidneys. I met a ninety year old woman in China who had bound feet and I asked her if they hurt and she said no. I noticed her hair was so  beautiful  and shinny black.  I knew she had to be older because of her bound feet a practice that was banned a long time ago. I asked her age and her daughter answered ninety and I asked how she kept her hair so black and she said it was natural and not dyed. So if her feet were bound she came from a well to do family and had a good herbalist taking care of the family and her hair showed her good health and they said it came from good health.  Eating black sesame seeds can only help your health. 

The Issues with Tilapia Fish

 Farm raised Tilapia are raised in unhealthy environments, feed GMO grains, soy and corn, mixed with Chicken poop, pig and duck waste.  They are high pesticides  and antibiotics. Often they are bred in China  and are high in Dioxins causing inflammation and cancer. It is hard to find wild Tilapia. You are usually buying farm raised Tilapia fish at the market and at the restaurant.  

Red Rose Healing Power - A Super Food

   Organic red roses are edible. Organic is important, so don't eat roses from a florist.  Roses contain pelargonidin which show to have potent anticancer effects against LNCap (human prostate cell line) and Molt-4F (human leukemia cell line)
cell cultures.  Red roses are considered to have a unique property of a cancer gene deactivator.   Also "Tellimagrandin from red rose petals showed impressive reduction of MRSA bacteria. Will everybody eating red roses as a norm in the future?
Take organic red rose petals and immerse in water with citrus peels 2 days and remove petals and drink the water. Alternatively, hot tea can be made by boiling petals in water
for ten minutes let steep. They can be sauteed in coconut oil or butter.
   Interesting note - Red rose petal extract given to goldfish boosts gonadal development and brightens their colors. 

No wonder deer love to eat your roses!

Save Your Pumpkin Seeds!

   Pumpkin seeds are high in trace minerals that are important to the health of your muscles and tendons. They can help with preventing deterioration of ligaments, tendons and muscles, including the ones in the arches of your foot, so they help with fallen arches. They also help  with general fatigue of the legs and the tendency of the joints to become displaced. The trace minerals in pumpkin seeds seem to act as an enzyme activator in the repair of these tissues and act in a synergistic way with     Vitamin E. They can help with bursitis, disc lesions, Dupuytren's contracture, bunions and deformity of ligaments.

While you probably have heard of the fact that they have zinc and are good for prostate problems. They are good for blood pressure, help prevent sudden cardiac arrest, heart attack and stroke. They are high in Omega-3 fats. They are high in fiber. Animal studies have suggested they may help with insulin regulation and help prevent diabetic complications. They help postmenopausal women with hot flashes. They have tryptophan for a good nights sleep and they have anti-inflammatory benefits.
It is best to eat them raw, sprouted or lightly roasted for a short time. Happy chewing! 

Grapefruit - The White Part is a Super Food

 The white part of yellow grapefruit has limonin which inhibits tumor formation by boosting body's production of Glutathione. It also contains D-glucarate that may be helpful for reversing breast cancer.  Grapefruit has Naringenin which has anti-viral properties. In one study It was found  to lower plasma and hepatic cholesterol concenterations in mice. It has the highest amount of the special fiber Pectin.  It is a proven fact in studies that pectin is a top cholesterol lowering agent. Grapefruit has less sugar that oranges and is thus better suited for cancer patients, diabetics or those concerned about sugar. Yellow grapefruit has seven times more Naringenin then red according to recent analysis with chromatography.
" Effects of grapefruit pectin on patients with heart disease. Clin Cardiol. 1988;11(9)"
Chinese grapefruit, Pomelo is even more medicinal and is mostly white pith. They can be as big as basketballs. They are good for you even if you don't have cancer. Use a blender so to make it easier for your body to absorb it. 

A Cucumber to Start Your Day

 Having a cucumber first thing in the morning will help get your body alkaline. It is yeast-inhibiting and that can help prevent cancer. It also has anti-bacterial activity, especially when a large amount is eaten on an empty stomach in the morning. Also cucumbers contain phytochemicals that improve the function of insulin.  This may help balance blood sugar and promote increased energy levels. The phytochemicals are in the skin, therefore one must use organic because skin in conventional cucumbers are high in pesticides. 
  For cancer prevention, cucumbers change out the intracellular fluid and shift the environment inside to be unfriendly to cancer. The skin is high in cucurbitanes, which are the most anti-cancer phytochemicals in the plant. "Human breast cancer cells activate a self suicide sequence and stops replicating under the influence of cucurbitane." According to a study in Evidence Based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.
   Bone density and osteoporosis can be greatly improved with high silica foods. Cucumber has 4mg silica per 100 grams, which is more than most other foods, especially if you eat one to two a day. Good for the teeth too.
   Because cucumber is so alkaline it will chase out UTI infections by changing the ph of the
urinary tract. When you eat two a day it makes it harder for those bacteria and fungal colonies to thrive.
   Also because of the high silica cucumbers create healthy skin. They also prevent water retention. 


A  Japanese  Doctor   treating   COVID - 19  CASES  is   suggesting   everyone   should   ensure   your   mouth   and   throat   is  moist,   never   dry.  Take   a   few   sips   of   water   every   15   minutes   at   least.  Why?   Because   even   if   the   virus   gets   into    your   mouth   drinking   water   or   other   liquids   will  wash   them   down   through   your   esophagus   and  into   the   stomach.   And   your   stomach   acid   will  kill  all  the  virus.   If  the   virus   enters   your   windpipe   and   into   the  lungs   it's   dangerous   so   make   sure   they   just   get   washed   down   and   don't   have   a   chance   to   lodge   into   your   tissues.  


Lemon   is   antiviral,  shown   in   many    studies   that   it   has  antiviral   properties,  so   why   not   squeeze   some   fresh   lemon   in   your   water   that   your    are   sipping    for   extra  protection   from   the   COVID-19  virus.  


The   fact   that   garlic   has  anti-viral   properties   is   well   known   and   old   news   so   enjoy   lots   of   garlic   in   your   food   during    this   time   of   worry   and   uncertainty.  


Because   coconut   has   been   found   to   have   antiviral   properties  scientists   are   researching   right   now  if   it   has   anti  COVID-19    properties   both   in   the   Philippines   and  in  the   US.  It   is   known   to   cause   the   outer   membrane   of   viruses   to   weaken   and   break.   There  is   lauric   acid  and   monolaurin   which   cause  disintegration  of  the  virus   envelope  and   inhibit   the   virus   replicative  cycle  and  they  prevent   the  viral   proteins  from  binding   to   the  host   cell  membrane.  Taking   coconut  oil  is   basically  safe  and   risk   free.  Why   not   take   a   little   coconut   oil   now   anyway,  before   we   know   for   sure   that   it   offers   protection   against   this   virus.   


News   is   that   the   Chinese   found   large   doses   of   Vitamin  C   helped  patients   get   well   after   getting   the   virus.    We   need   a   lot   more   vitamin  C   then   we   usually   get   so   take   this   time   to   work   on   getting   more   vitamin   C   into   your   body   through   both   food    and   supplemental   sources.


The chief cause of  death by the Wuhan virus is respiratory failure. That is, a person dies from suffocation. This is cause by the natural ability of the Corona virus to exacerbate or exaggerate the natural response of the human body to become inflamed so as to isolate infection.  This response is caused by inflammasomes.

The inflammasome is a multiprotein intracellular complex that detects pathogenic microorganisms and sterile stressors, and that activates the highly pro-inflammatory cytokines interleukin-1b (IL-1b) and IL-18. Inflammasomes also induce a form of cell death termed pyroptosis. Dysregulation of inflammasomes is associated with a number of autoinflammatory syndromes and autoimmune diseases. 

Proinflammatory cytokines defend host cells from invading pathogens, but they are also capable of driving pathological inflammation [46].  During viral infections, inflammation can act in dynamically opposing antiviral and proviral roles. Inflammatory responses can inhibit viral replication and lower infection, but inflammation also has the capacity to release a large number of virions, further disseminating viral infection to cells like macrophages which will spread the virus to various other tissues and organs in the host [46].

 SARS, which is a corona virus, studies have shows that its lethalness depends in great part on its ability to cause an exaggerated response of inflammasomes in the human body.  

SARS-CoV coronaviruses encode viroporin proteins to activate inflammasomes in order to facilitate viral dissemination. The recent discovery of the ORF3a viroporin further deepens understanding as to why SARS-CoV can exert so much damage when infecting hosts.  


Melatonin’s powerful effects on Inflammasome storms

Scientific studies have already demonstrated that Melatonin is the organic compound used by the human body to moderate inflammatory responses.

Melatonin is well known for its chronobiotic effects, regulating biological functions tied to circadian rhythms.  Numerous studies have revealed that melatonin exerts effects beyond the control of circadian oscillators. The NLRP3 inflammasome is now recognized as a target for melatonin! Melatonin is the reason why children under the age of 9 seldom exhibit severe symptoms. In fact, children may exhibit mild or even no symptoms at all, even though they have been infected by SARS-CoV-2 [73].  How significant is the difference in melatonin production between children, adults and the elderly?

For most people, peak melatonin production is between the hours of 2 am to 3 am.  The maximum melatonin levels measured in healthy adults between the ages of 65 to 70 years appeared to be around 49.3 picograms/ml (pg/ml).  Adults more than 75 years of age only have maximum production levels of 27.8 pg/ml [74].  

Young children, on the other hand, have extremely high melatonin levels, compared to adults.  The maximum levels recorded for children showed a decline as age increased. Children between the ages of 1 to 5 had peak melatonin at 325 pg/ml, while those between the ages of 5 to 11 already declined to 133 pg/ml [76].

The fact that the pro-inflammatory cytokine storm effects are induced by the activation of NLRP3 inflammasomes, the ability of melatonin to INHIBIT NLRP3 inflammasome elevates this powerful molecule to a truly unique position in the fight against COVID-19.  This also means that if a patient, regardless of age, has adequate melatonin, the infectiousness of COVID-19 will be greatly reduced, and the chances of developing ARDS/ALI significantly diminished. 

As  soon  as  anyone  above  35  years  of  age,  or  who  works  at  night,  is infected,  he  should  start  receiving  daily  a  dose  of  at  least 1 mg  of  Melatonin  to  prevent  the  exaggerated  response  of  inflammation  in  his  lungs,  which  the  Corona  viruses  are  known  to  produce.

Melatonin,  which  is  regularly  sold  in  Health  Food  Stores,  para-pharmacies and pharmacies  for  those  wishing  to  benefit  from  its  natural  properties  to  aid  in  sleeping,  is  an  easy  solution   to  one  symptom  of  Corona  virus  infection.  It  does  not  kill  the  virus,  but  it  gives  the  body  more  time  to  do  that  job  while  insuring  the  lungs  remain  open   to  provide  the  necessary oxygen  to  the  patient.

Why  is  such  a  simply  solution  not  being  used  in  hospitals?  Because  modern  medical  training   does  not  prepare  medical  staff  to  be knowledgeable  in  how  natural  compounds,  not  sold  by  pharmaceutical  companies  can  aid  to  cure  disease.


So  adding   a   little  honey  to  some  herbal  tea  or  green  tea  and  slowly  sipping  it  will  add   another  protective  aspect  to  prevent  getting  COVID -19.  

But  especially  Manuka  honey  from  New   Zealand  where  the  bees  feed   on  the   Manuka  bush  to  make   this   honey   where   science   has  found  to  be  even   more   strongly   antiviral.  Be careful   not  to  use   too  much   if   you  have   any   blood   sugar   issues   or   a   fungal  infection.  So  in   those   cases   just  add   a   tiny  amount   to   your   tea.


While   many  people  are   taking   vitamin  D   already,  it's   good   to   realize   the   antiviral   immune   enhancement   that   occurs   when   we  keep  our   vitamin  D  levels  up.  It   is   helpful   to   add  2000 -  5000  units   daily  for  preventing   both   the   flu  and   COV-19.    


Vitamin  D  is  made   by   the   body    when   exposed   to   sunlight.  Populations  near   the   equator   are   tested   to   have   higher   Vitamin  D   levels   then   populations   in   the   northern    hemisphere.    People   in   the   northern    hemisphere   experience  severe   deficiencies   in   recent   times    and   rickets   a   disease   caused   by   Vitamin  D   deficiency   that   causes   bowl   leggedness   and    bone   problems   is   back   on    the   rise.  

Going   in   the    sun  is   a   good   way   to    prevent   viruses   as   the   ultra  violet  rays   kills   viruses   and   bacteria   while   giving   your  body    a   chance   to   increase   it's   vitamin  D   levels  that   are   scientifically  proven   to   be   anti viral.


According  to   a   Dr.  from  Shenzhen  Hospital  who  is   being   transferred   to   Wuhan  to   study  the   pneumonia   virus   further  said   that   it  is  not   a   heat   resistant  virus   and  will  be  killed  in  an  environment of  26  to  27  degrees   celsius.  Therefore,  drink   plenty   of   hot   water  to  prevent   the   virus.  As   long   as   the   body  maintains   heat,  by  drinking  hot   water   and   taking  more   ginger,  garlic  pepper   and   pepper   the   virus   will   disappear  and  completely  when  exposed   to   the   sun.  


When  a   fever  hits   take   Gelsemium   and   take   Bryonia   for   the   dry  cough,  not   a   wet   cough.    

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It  turns  out  that  researchers   have   found   that   the   more   taste   buds   you   have   the   more   inclined   you   may   be   to  have   a   food   addiction,   especially   to   salt!      

Research  has   found   that   people   are   born   with   and   have   different   amounts   of   taste   buds   on   their   tongue   and   that   there   are   taste   buds   through  out   the   inside   of   the   mouth.   They   consider   people    with   a  higher  density   of   taste   buds   to   be   super   tasters   and   probably   chefs,   cooks   and   foodies   are   super   tasters.   One   can   put   die   on   the   tongue   and   put   a   flat   glass   slide   next   to   the   tongue   to   see   if   the   end   of   the   tongue   has   around   60   or   so   taste  buds   and   if   so   you   are   a    super   taster.   However,   these    super   tasters   can   taste   bitter   very   strongly   and   they   especially   dislike   it.   So   what   taste   counteracts   bitter?   Salt   has   the   specific   ability   to   counter   and   or  diminish   the   taste   of   bitter   especially   for   super   tasters.   Bitter   is   a   common   taste   and   a   subtle   taste   to  most,   but   for   super   tasters   it   can   lead   to   addiction!    Salt   addiction!    How   interesting.   There   are   other   reasons   one   might   have   a   salt   addiction   according   to   other   research   and   that   is   people   are   craving   more   minerals   and   needing   more   minerals   then   they   are   getting   from   their   diets   from   demineralized   soil   and  or deficient   diets   therefore   they   crave   salt.   It's   good   to   eat   high   potassium   foods   if   you   are   a   salt   addict.     



Red Bell Peppers Superfood

 High in red carotenoids red peppers score high in free radical quenching. Only a few foods have HDL cholesterol boosting power and benefits. Roasting, steaming and sauteing peppers "snaps" some of the double bonds and this increases most carotenoids absorption. Green, yellow and orange bell peppers are unripe. Raw red peppers are the highest ready-available food source of vitamin C. It seems to absorb better from a food source. Vitamin C assists with iron absorption and helps with anemia.

Other Concerns About Chicken

 So people have became concerned over the issues involved in the antibiotics used in the chickens and the free range issues, but here is another concern worth knowing.
In the 1940s, chicken farmers started using arsenicals like roxarsone to promote growth, treat disease and improve meat pigmentation. By 2010 , 88% of chickens raised for consumption in the US were given the arsenic-based drug roxarsone.  Study below is the first to compare the arsenic concentrations in meat samples from birds likely raised with the arsenical drugs versus organic ones. In a study published in 2013 by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, they found in analysis of chicken samples purchased in grocery stores from 10 cities in USA, 70% of the conventionally grown chicken had arsenic exceeding FDA safety limits. Organic chicken had 400% less than conventionally grown chicken.   

BBQ and Open Fire Cooking and Cancer

 A one pound , well done, charcoal-broiled steak has 4 micrograms of Benzopyrene, an amount equal to what you would get from smoking 600 cigarettes. Grilling foods with intense heat over direct flame results in fat dripping on fire and yielding toxic flames containing a number of hydrocarbons. In an Italian study the highest concentrations of hydrocarbons was observed in pizza baked in wood-burning ovens, followed by BBQ beef coming in second.
Benzopyrene is present in BBQ and coal fired pizza at 10 times the amount found in smoked meats and fish. 

Bone Building Superfood

 It has been found that vitamin k is proven to help rebuild bone, but there are two kinds. The kind that is found in dark leafy greens, Vitamin k1,  we only absorb only 10% of the k1. 
Research has found that vitamin k2  is more effective and is found in abundance in a fermented soybean product called natto. Fermentation takes away most of soy's negative attributes.  In one study in Japan it was found that habitual intake of natto was associated with a significant and beneficial effect on bone health in elderly men and is primarily due to vitamin k2. Women who ate natto four times a week reduced bone mass loss on the thigh bone by 80%. 

Bone Building Superfood

 It has been found that vitamin k is proven to help rebuild bone, but there are two kinds. The kind that is found in dark leafy greens, Vitamin k1,  we only absorb only 10% of the k1. 
Research has found that vitamin k2  is more effective and is found in abundance in a fermented soybean product called natto. Fermentation takes away most of soy's negative attributes.  In one study in Japan it was found that habitual intake of natto was associated with a significant and beneficial effect on bone health in elderly men and is primarily due to vitamin k2. Women who ate natto four times a week reduced bone mass loss on the thigh bone by 80%. 



Minerals to Build Bones and Beautiful Skin

   Silica is the key mineral for bone and skin. Besides calcium and magnesium a double blind study where 122 women took horsetail rich in silica, found noticeable improvement in bone density.  There is also some research that suggests that as the silicon content of arterial vessels drops that our incidence of atherosclerosis increases. Even hair and nail growth improves with use of horsetail.  People report of rapid healing of fractured bones by taking horsetail consistently and acknowledged by their doctors. What is more interesting is that it works faster if the person stops taking calcium supplements. Silica also has been shown to speed skin healing, after wounds and it gives strength and resilience to skin.
Eskimos have the highest osteoporosis incidence and also the highest calcium intake of any culture in the world. 
   There were observed results with horsetail standardized at 7% silica in Dr. Louis Kervran's study with rats whose femur bones were broken.  X-rays showed very rapid healing effects of horsetail on broken bones just 10 to 17 days after break, and very slow healing rate in rats who received only calcium.
   Taking horsetail may cause levels of vitamin B1 in the body to drop. If you take horsetail on a regular basis, you should take a quality B vitamin. Vitamin K is also important in growing strong bones.  What is good for the bones is good for the teeth. 


 Breast cancer in US is at 660 cases per 1 million people.
In India it is 79 cases per million people.
8 times more breast cancer in US than India.

Prostate cancer occurs at 690 per million people in US.
In India it is only 20 cases per million people.
34 times more prostate cancer in US than India.

Lung cancer in the US is 660 cases per million people.
In India it is only 30 per million people.
22 times more lung cancer in US than India.

They eat curry with just about every meal cooked in coconut oil  or gee butter. They have more people and more pollution.  

Meeker Rasberry Seeds Study shows Cancer Inhibition

Crushed seeds of Meeker rasberries into fine powder produces the richest source of ellagic acid. The Hollings Cancer Institute at the University of South Carolina is conducting a double-blind study on 500 cervical cancer patients.  9 years of study is
showing ellagic acid causes the inhibition and stopping of mitosis-cancer cell division for breast, pancreas, esophageal skin, colon and prostate cancer cells. Add 1 to 3 teaspoons once each day into any beverage.

Sweet Potatoe is the Secret of Okinawan Longevity

   The people of Okinawa  consumed  them in  the early 1900's then later started adding  rice  and  bread  and  their near  flawless  disease  rates  crept up. They eat  the  purple  skinned  purple  sweet  potato  which  is  high in anthocyanins which  are  water  soluble  free  radical  scavengers.  We  are  still  learning  their  unique  anti-cancer effects  as  evidence  mounts.
  All sweet  potatoes  are  low  glycemic  and  a  great  food  for  helping  with weight loss.  The  sweet  potatoe  is  low  glycemic  as  long  as  they  are  boiled  or  steamed.  They  are  not  low  glycemic  if  they  are  roasted,  because  that  effects  and  inhances  the  sugar  content.
USDA Agricultural  geneticist  and  sweet  potato  breeder Janice Bohac Ph.D. says  Sweet  potatoes  contain  a  high  quality  protein,  similar  to  that  found  in egg's protein.
They  have  a  special  protein  that  acts  as an antioxidant. It is best  to eat sweet potatoes  without  any  other  high  protein  foods. They  can  be  used  to   replace  meat  in  meals  and  probably  should  be   several  times  a  week.  They  should  be  cooked  to  enhance  high  absorption  rates  of  their  best  health  giving  phytochemicals.
 Peonidinin  in  sweet  potatoes  have  shown  to  have  chemopreventive activity.
Peonidinin Inhibits COX-2 Expression.NY AcSci 2007;1095 

Quality of Sleep is Important

 Research found that quality of sleep, especially for women with breast cancer is very important. Those who reached at least an 85 percent sleep efficiency (a measure of what percentage of time in bed was spent asleep vs. restless) most nights had twice the longevity of those who had poor sleep quality, regardless of hours slept, according to the journal Sleep. Experts believe that that uninterrupted sleep improves immune health and keeps hormone levels from spiking or becoming erratic. If you are wondering how well you snooze there is an app called sleep cycle to find out how many hours you are actually getting.  Acupuncture is very effective when it comes to improving sleep and helping people with insomnia.
Needle free methods such as sun discs work just as well for  this  as  needles.

Home Meters Effecting Your Health

  There are a growing number of activists who are protesting the use of Smart Meters
due to health concerns. Smart meters are the digital meters that the electric companies are replacing the old analog meters with. The concern is that they emit radio frequency (RF) that is so high it is harmful to human health. People living with the meters are claiming mild to severe symptoms that are effecting their: Concentration and memory problems and they are experiencing dizziness, tinnitus, heart palpitations, headaches, insomnia, nausea, anxiety and behavioral problems in children.  Researchers are saying that during peak use they emit over 1000 times that of a cell phone. They are concerned about how high does the radiation have to go before the body starts cooking. Concerns are especially for children and people who are chronically ill, are immune system compromised and those with pace makers.
 There are people trying to find ways to protect themselves from these meters by wrapping metal around them or putting empty paint cans on them to block the radiation from the meters.
There are numerous u tube videos showing things people are doing about them.
  I have found that people who are especially sensitive to them also have mercury poisoning and those who have a lot of metal in their mouths from dental work. 

Healthful Tidbits


Aflatoxin Fungus in Peanut Butter

 Aflatoxin is considered a cancer-causing substance in humans by both the FDA
and WHO. The highly toxic mold is 100% invisible to the naked eye except in extreme cases. It is found in 90% of all peanut butters including organic because it grows while sitting on shelves at room temperature for weeks or months and from being shipped in trucks in the heat. So the number of people allergic to peanuts cannot be a coincidence that such a toxic mold is present in them. Aflatoxin B1 is the most toxic of the aflatoxins, is a potent carcinogen in humans, effecting the immune system and may lead to stunted growth in children. It is better to eat other  nut butters. 

Eggs - Some Information That is Good to Know

 Eggs a good source of protein is better for the body and digestion if you eat the whole egg, the white with the yolk. The body can assimilate the whole egg better and like the yin yang symbol each part compliments the other so you get more energy out of it. Body builders believe raw is the best and the Japanese serve raw eggs with many meals. One of the best things to combine with eggs is parsley. It helps digestion and breaks up gas and it increases the vitamin A that you are going to need to handle all those heavy albumin sources. This is well known and is followed through in many cultures. Eggs are considered by many to be a tricky food because of the following reasons. How you cook them and the chicken. When you cook an egg be sure not to over cook the egg and don't burn the bottoms not even a brown crust because that is toxic. So hard boiled, pouched are usually good and easy, but pan frying, it's better to be careful not to overcook them.  

 Also just like any other food it depends on the health of the chicken. If you have very healthy, friendly chickens that like to eat outside regularly, the yolk actually turns a different color. The chicken is less nervous than if trapped in a little space. The chicken is considered have the greatest amount of infections. If you let them run free outdoors they don't tend to accumulate them as much. If the chicken is dealing with infections then the eggs will have infection and toxic material in them also. Organic is best so you can avoid the pesticides and hormones. People often under estimate the effects of hormones and pesticides on their bodies until it is getting too late. Notice the increase in cancers. Organic eggs might be a little more but it is one staple in your diet that is affordable to go organic. So this is why organic, free range chicken eggs are the best. You can also get other kinds of eggs in some specialty stores but they are expensive.  

All Natural Deodorant, Ideas and a Recipe

  Lime juice works really well by itself for some people. Bentonite clay can also be used as it absorbs and neutralizes bacteria.  Here is a recipe for a moisture absorbing deodorant.    

*Use organic ingredients when possible.

-1 tablespoon cocoa butter
-1 tablespoon coconut oil (this is the BEST coconut oil on the planet)
-1 tablespoon shea butter
-1 tablespoon beeswax
-2 tablespoons arrowroot powder
-1 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
-1 1/2 teaspoon bentonite clay
-1 capsule probiotic powder
-1/4 tsp. vitamin E oil
-15 drops essential oils, see “Notes” section below for list of eo’s suitable for men


1. In a double boiler, or small pot, melt cocoa butter, coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax over low heat.

2. Remove pot from heat — allow mixture to cool slightly – then add arrowroot powder, baking soda, and bentonite clay.

3. Mix with wire whisk or chopsticks until all powders are dissolved and well combined.

4. Add vitamin E oil and essential oils.

5. Allow mixture to cool in pan. Once it is cooled and the consistency of pudding, open the capsule of probiotics and add powder to mixture. Stir quickly to combine.

6. Add mixture to clean, used deodorant container. Place in refrigerator to cool and harden. After this, product may be stored on counter. This recipe will fill container and last for 3-4 months. Remember…a little goes a long way!

Sleep Quality and Alzheimer's Disease

 A study from the University of Rochester Medical Center indicating that the brain uses sleep as a kind of detoxification period to remove metabolic waste products like beta-amyloid, a protein whose buildup on the surface of the brain is associated with Alzheimer's disease.

Research from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health links poor sleep quality with an increase in brain beta-amyloid concentrations. In the past, one of the challenges facing Alzheimer's research was that the buildup of beta-amyloid could only be measured after death during autopsy, making it difficult to assess the disease's progression in living patients. Now scientists have new imaging techniques that allow them to measure beta-amyloid buildup in living brains. In this study, researchers found that poor sleep quality and shorter sleep duration were both associated with increased beta-amyloid buildup.

They also found that within a genetically at-risk population, those who had better sleep quality were one third less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease than those with poor sleep quality. Among the patients who did develop Alzheimer's, better sleep was associated with a slower rate of cognitive decline. 

“Brain tumors associated with cell phone use has replaced leukemia as the number one child-killer.


A scientific paper bravely published by a  leading radiation biologist, Prof. Dariusz  Leszczynski now allows top neurologists, like  Keith Black, MD of Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai  Hospital to issue warnings to their patients  about the dangers of cellphone use, which  he describes as "Cooking the brain". The cell  phone industry retaliated against Leszczynski  by lobbying to have his funding stopped and  in the meantime, insurance companies have  also stopped coverage for health damages  related to cell phone use. 

Truthseeker host, Daniel Bushell uses a radiation  detector to measure the amount of radiation  emanating from commonly-used household items:

*Microwave oven: 800 microvolts

*WiFi Router: 800 microvolts

*Tablet PC: 2,000 microvolts (watching a movie).

*Smartphone: 40,000 microvolts (Samsung S3).  This is over a thousand times the normal  background radiation levels of 30 microvolts. 

The use of cellphones and other wireless  technologies is being called the next 'casualty catastrophe,' after tobacco and asbestos

Watch the video here:

Post Fukushima Food Monitoring in the U.S.

 Cindy Folkers gave this presentation on March 11, 2013 on the surprising statistics of food monitoring.  -  


Thyroid Disorders

 Thyroid disorders are on the increase in the US population. There are many things effecting thyroid function.  PBDE's used in making bread, in plastics, foams, sunscreens effect thyroid function by blocking T4 conversion to T3 even in normal THS levels. Need iodine to counter it. Other things that effect thryoid function are Birth control, Lithium, SSRI's, Chemo, cigerette smoking, floride, nitrates and soy. 

Sugar: A Bitter Truth

 Common thought is if you eat it you better burn it or you're going to store it. Dr. Lustig says this is in fact incorrect in his video:  Turns out that gluttony and sloth as the cause of weight gain are actually secondary to a biochemical process which is primary  and relieves the obese person from being the perpetrator rather than the victim. We have an epidemic of obese 6 month olds. So if it is all about diet and excercise then why this?Not just in the US but around the world. Hi fructose corn syrup is 42 - 55% fructose. Fructose because how the liver metabolizes it turns out to be a poison in itself. It's half the price of sugar and because it is so cheap it is in everything. It is 7 times harder on arteries, does not suppress hunger hormone so you can consume a lot of calories and still be hungry. It doesn't stimulate insulin because there is no receptor on the beta cell to make insulin - so insulin doesn't go up and so leptin doesn't go up so the brain doesn't see that you ate something so you eat more. The metabolism of fructose in the liver is completely different from glucose - Fructose causes (metabolic syndrome) = obesity, Type 11 Diabetes, Lipid problems, Hypertension and Cardio Vascular Disease. Fructose causes a bio-chemical  chain reaction that ultimately makes your brain think you are starving. It causes a vicious cycle of craving. Baby formula has 42% corn syrup this is why obese 6 month olds. Fructose can only be metabolized by the liver but it produces products from that metabolism that are problematic and in fact toxic, therefore it is a poison.  The liver becomes overworked  and toxic causing gout, fatty liver, hyper-tension and an over worked liver can effect emotions and anger in traditional Chinese medicine.  Fruit is ok because there is a lot of fiber which limits the intestinal carbohydrate absorption. A diet high in vegetables is super healthy and cleans up the liver. 

Brain Wellness in Elders through Exercise

 A report from the University of Edinburgh (2013) suggests that brain games and crossword puzzles may not be the best way to stay mentally sharp as you age. What does work is physical activity.  Study found that physical exercise improved the health of the brain by reducing white-matter damage and shrinkage, this has been shown to help thinking and memory abilities. MRIs revealed that exercise had a neuroprotective effect - reducing brain shrinkage as well as atrophy and the number of brain lesions - regardless of age, gender, social status, medical history or IQ. Social and mental activities, however, had no measurable effect on the  MRIs. Adding some sort of exercise  to your weekly routine now will promote cognitive health later in life. An increase in daily activity does not need to be  strenuous or expensive. Benefits can be accrued just by increasing how much you walk each day. 

Acupuncture Works for Depression

 For patients with moderate to severe depression have showed in a randomized control trial to respond to Acupuncture with significant reduction in symptoms. 

Exaggerated Belief of Genetic Effect on Health Clarified

 Bruce Lipton explains that beliefs about genetics are assumptions made through miscommunications in the press. Genetic determinism  - that you are controlled through your genes is not absolutely true but what is more true is that you are controlled by your perceptions. The question - do genes control biological expression is answered by the fact that genes can't turn themselves on or off. The inter-reaction with proteins changes everything. They plug into and bind to each other and genetic material and produces signals. He explains it further in this video
Genes are correlated with health conditions not the cause. Genes are blue prints but do not determine weather they will be read or not. Watch video to the end to fully understand this subject. You are not controlled by genes but by environmental signals. 

Hot Flashes eased by Acupuncture


Caffeine Relation to Blood Sugar

 I've rarely met a person with hypoglycemia who still doesn't love their coffee or caffeine beverage, which combines a sugar blast with a caffeine fix. They have discovered that their blood sugar goes shooting up like a rocket, energizing them temporarily. Caffeine does this by stimulating your overworked adrenals to release adrenaline and thereby emergency sugar into your bloodstream. Never mind that your real level of energy is nil. Continually doing this to your adrenals is akin to beating a dying horse. Adrenaline circulating in your bloodstream make you irritable, anxious, shaky and restless. Your heart may pound and you may even have panic attacks. Eventually the surge of energy is reduced to temporarily alleviating your ongoing fatigue.  

  If you are drinking several cups of coffee or caffeinated colas daily, don't try to stop cold turkey, or you will go into withdrawal from this addictive drug. You will get a powerful headache, and feel listless and jumpy for days. The better approach is to cut your intake over a week's time. Trade caffeine for herbal teas or sparkling water.  Your reward for dumping caffeine will be evident in your increased energy levels and reduced sugar cravings. (Also see below article Help for Always Exhausted). 

More Help for Blood Sugar

 The amino acid, Alanine, is a natural protein that converts quickly to usable glucose and prolongs blood sugar stability. Alanine is helpful for hypoglycemic. It reduces elevated triglycerides in diabetics and may be helpful in preventing seizures. Combined with high doses of B6 it plays an important role in reversing immune deficiency by reproducing lymphocytes. The foods that contain the highest amount of alanine are poultry, a variety of fishes, meat, seaweed, eggs and dairy products. Also many vegetables and legumes have Alanine in them.  

God's Gift to Hypoglycemics

 Glutamine is a fabulous amino acid when it comes to blocking sugar cravings. In emergencies it can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the intestinal tract. You'll find relief from your cravings comes swiftly by opening a glutamine capsule and letting it dissolve in your mouth under your tongue (it tastes mildly sweet). Inside your brain, glutamine converts to glutamic acid, the other source of glucose available to the brain. So it becomes a great alternative source of brain fuel that are set off by glucose levels that are dropping too low. Alcoholics using glutamine this way can, and do, successfully stop cravings for alcohol, if these cravings are from a hypoglycemic basis.  

Help for Always Exhausted

 The tiredness that follows a stressful time, long hours of work, on the go, living on coffee or other caffeine drinks can drain you of essential adrenal gland hormones. You may, also be, always exhausted from coping with hypoglycemic ups and downs. The essential B vitamin called pantothenic acid is necessary for restoring adrenal gland hormones. As essential and possibly more essential as rest because it can help repair the damage done to your adrenal function and restore your natural buffer against stress.  

Thyroid & Endocrine Problems & Common Causes

 There is, currently, an epidemic of thyroid problems in the USA. Much of today's bread has a dough rising agent called "potassium bromate". This competes for the same receptors used to absorb iodine in the thyroid gland. Iodine is like a spark plug that ignites an engine. If receptor sites in the thyroid are occupied by false iodine, even an adequate supply of iodine won't be absorbed. Floury and doughy foods (like pizza) are among the worst offenders. There are a considerable amount of bromides in flame retardants, some tooth pastes and especially children's toys and pajamas. Pesticides also have bromides.
"Elevated bromide levels have been implicated in every thyroid disease, from simple hypothyroidism to auto-immune diseases to thyroid cancer. Bromide levels were 50 times higher in thyroid cancer tissue than normal thyroid tissue." Med Radiology 1984
1990 UK prohibits bromate in bread
1994 Canada follows and bans it.
America still allows it in food.
   If you are not on a gluten free diet, a good alternative to traditional breads are whole grain crackers and often 100% organic breads and pizzas are usually made without bromide. 

Food to Regenerate Pancreas for Diabetics

 Syringic Acid given to diabetic mice restored activities of key enzymes in carb metabolism. There was a significant lift in plasmaglucose, insulin, HbAIc. From "Antihyperglycemic effect of syringic acid, Biomedicine and Prevention Nutrition 2014" The syringic acid is found in swiss chard and is responsible for chard's antihyperglycemic effect and for chard's anti diabetic property. It's an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor, which means it slows down the speed carbs turn into sugar. This molecule doesn't appear in sweet foods and is shown to be extremely helpful for diabetics and weight loss. Syringic acid in studies is shown to function as a potent anti-cancer and anti-oxidative agent. Chard is the highest source of syringic acid followed by Acai oil.  


Possible Link Between Fibromyalgia and Lymes Disease

 Possible Link betweet Fibromyalgia and Lymes Disease  This is because they have the symptoms of muscle pain and fatigue in common along with problems with the immune system.  With lymes disease a person can have it for a while before they have any symptoms which may occur after highly stressful event in their lives.  They may have been bit by a tick but not realized it and or remembered it.  More at  -

Amazing Burn Remedy

 A woman accidently burns herself with boiling water. A vietnam man comes in and says do you have some flour and she gets it out and he puts her burnt hand in the flour and says now keep it there for 10 minutes and she did. It took away the pain and she didn't even have any blisters when she pulled it out. He said that in Vietnam, there was a guy on fire and in their panic, they threw a bag of flour all over him to put the fire out...Well, it not only put the fire out, but he never even had a blister. He said he learned about this trick in Vietnam. Since l learned about this I have tried this and found that cold flour feels and works even better then room temperature flour. So now I keep a bag in the fridge. I understand it even works on burnt tongues. By the way don't put your burnt area in cold water first just put it directly into the cold flour for 10 minutes. 

The Earthing Theory

 Until recent human history people were barefoot or wore conductive natural material on their feet, that enabled
the conduction of electrons to pass between  the ground and the feet. According to the theory, by simply allowing our skin to touch the Earth we become electrically grounded; meaning the difference in electrical
potential between our bodies and and the ground, can be neutralized. Over time our body with all it's water
can build up a positive charge. This is because the atmosphere is positively charged while the Earth is negatively charged. We can discharge or ground and become neutral, when we touch the ground and allow electrons to move throught us from the Earth.

A review article from the Journal of Environment and Public Health by Gaetan Chevalier, Stephen T. Sinatra, James L. Oschman, Karol Sokal and Pawal Sokal state in the abstract that , "this disconnect (not touching the earth) may be a major contributor to physiological dysfunction and unwellness. Reconnection with the Earth's electrons has been found to promote intriguing physiological changes and subjective reports of well-being."
This article discusses how electrons act as anti-oxidants and as anti-inflammatory agents.

"Reduction in inflammation as a result of Earthing has been documented with infrared medical imaging and with measurements of blood chemistry and white blood cell counts."

Watch a video - link below:

Some Vaccine Info.

 The American Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System has received notifications of  27,023 adverse events and 68 deaths to the HPV vaccine as of  9-30-13.

In India following administration of  the HPV vaccine 7 children died and 120 suffered debilitating side effects so bad that the trial was stopped following protests from parents, doctors & public health org. 

More In An Olive Then Great Oil

 In green olives oleuropein the most abundant polyphenol compromises up to 14% and also in leaves and seeds.  This phytochemical is often removed from olive oil to reduce it's bitter aftertaste.  As fruit matures, oleuropein reduces to yielding  hydroxytyrosol.  Oleuropein has been found to help in the reduction of coronary heart disease, cancers and for it's anti-biotic activity in H pylori, which makes it helpful for peptic ulcers and gastric type cancers. 

Notes on Avocado and It's Big Seed

 Avocados  are one of the highest in glutathione, a most potent detoxifier for the liver.  It is also great for lowering cholesterol. The seed has the greatest artery scrubbing power and contains over 100 types of listed phytochemicals.
There are many anti-cancer substances in one big seed.  Avocado seeds may improve hyper-cholesterolmia and be useful in treatment of hypertension, inflammatory conditions and diabetes.  Avocado seeds are found to possess insecticidal, fungicidal, and anti-microbial activities.  Simply blend one seed in smoothies in 3 horsepower blender.  Getting that 3 horsepower blender is the challenge. But one can also get a mallet and smash the seed to mush.
 Lutein in avocados is far less abundant then spinach, but is more bioavailable due to lutein being only fat-soluble. 


Alkalize or not to Alkalize

 For healthy alkalizing see article on cucumbers below.
Thousands of modern printed publications are ignorantly misleading both physicians and the general public. We have been hearing the slogan, Alkalize, Alkalize, Alkalize! Eat alkaline foods. Take alkaline salts, alkaline water, etc. But the truth is that alkalies, though necessary to balance acidity, are all depressing, liquifying, relaxing and debilitating beyond the neutralizing point. As a matter of fact, common bicarbonate of soda destroys the hemoglobin in the blood in a very short time. A 10 percent solution destroys the hemoglobin in about two  and a half minutes. If you take some mammalian blood and add to it 10 percent of bicarbonate of soda you will see it disolve the red blood cells. The vegetarian diet produces alkaline carbonates. This is called hypo-acidity, or less than required amount of acid. When this hypo-acidity prevails, there is a pathological deposition of calcium and/or lime salts, not only  in the renal organs, but often around the joints, which goes by the name of arthritis.
Whenever these lime deposits are in evidence, we have to raise the acidity  and to do so, phosphoric acid is required, because other acids coagulate the albumin, and so make matters worse.                                        Common foods that have large supplies of phosphoric acid are white cheese,  eggs, cereals, whole wheat, oats, whole rice, watercress and wheat bran. 

X-Ray and Radiation Detoxifier

 X-rays encourage the desedimentation of bones and allows for any heavy metals in your system to enter your bones. The radiation from x-rays can build up in your body and cause tissue damage and damage to the DNA.  Aole vera, the whole leaf is an x-ray detoxifier.  It has a high amount of acid which pulls out lead also.  The outer peel has the acids and it picks up wastes, especially heavy metals. Paste the whole plant on the x-rayed area and let it stay for 5 to 10 minutes and remove. Violet leaves are a lymph detoxifier and will help cleanse the area. Burdock root is also helpful for detoxing x-rays and the damage of x-rays on your body's tissue. Potassium oratate and calcium with magnesium can lower strontium exposure, zeolite clay has been found in animal studies to decontaminate after an exposure to radiation. It can be taken internally. Also other clays can rid the body of radiation. They are bentonite, kaolin, red clay and green french clay. Also charcoal and red beets work to detox radiation.  Organic germanium 132 has been found to snatch up radioactive rays, allowing them to free the cells of the damaging nuclear structure in those cells exposed to cesium-137 and gamma rays. Currently, the Japanese are recommending 100mg a day.
  The thyroid gland can be protected by nascent iodine and is important in radiation exposure or as a prevention of thyroid tissue damage if you think you will be exposed to radiation. 

Detoxify an Alcoholic, Break the Addiction

 To detoxify a five to ten year alcoholic, first of all start by reducing scarring. Take a good vitamin E, five hundred units a day. Then because the alcohol is a mineral leaching substance, you need to re-establish trace minerals which are at extremely low levels, so include a diet with foods that are high in iodine like kelp, zinc like eggplant, chromium and a mineral chelate would be good. Reduce their intake slowly so that it takes them three to four weeks to get off completely and all during this time provide cabbages, artichokes, green vegetables and charcoal or burnt toast. All help to remove alcohol from the system and protects the stomach. Check with a Health professional on taking some L-Methionine or L-Tryptophan to balance some of the neuro-transmitters and some chinese herbal formulas that are great for restoring the liver. A health professional like an Acupuncturist that knows Chinese herbs can help a lot with what you should take and the dosage. Take teas made with Holy Thistle, dandelion root and watercress. Holy thistle is more for beer and Watercress is for heavier liquors. The alcohol is going to come out of the skin, urine and lungs. Do regular exercise to where they have to pant. Soak in hot epsom salts bath once a week and don't rinse, except with hot water so you sweat for a while even thru the night. Eat protein because you need it and you may become ravenous for protein.  If you are mostly drinking just one type of hard liquor you could be dealing with a food allergy to that one liquor. Some Acupuncturist, like myself, know of an easy allergy clearing   treatment for clearing that alcohol in one session. My experience is that it has helped tremendously with those people who have an addiction to one specific alcohol. Someone who has been drinking alcohol for a long time probably also has a raging candida infection throughout the body. This also has to be addressed. Hypo-Glycemia and blood sugar issues need to be addressed also, so see an Acupuncturist with experience in with these areas. Emotional clearing process through acupuncture in many situations would be very helpful for kicking the habit also. 

Stress Preventing Herb

 White Poplar bark when used consistently over time, can reduce your over all stress response and help you manage your weight. It has salycilates that stop the adrenals from producing the usual cortical response to stress. It lowers the stress level in the tissues. But it also gradually, helps grow your adrenal energy, which will help your overall energy and mental focus. 

Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Reliever

  White Poplar bark has been recognized as an anti-inflammatory and pain-reliever for arthritis and rheumatic aches and pains. 
  White Poplar is used as a tonic remedy in the treatment of anorexia and other debilitated states. It can be used to stimulate digestion and especially stomach and gall bladder function when there is loss of appetite. It can help in symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, IBS.
 It has been used to help treat urinary tract infections and urinary incontinence.  It has also been sued for colds, painful menstruation. 

Urinary Track's Best Friend

 Nothing restors strong urine flow in men and women then watermelon when the white rind is included, especially men with an enlarged prostate complaining of difficulty urinating. Amino acids in the watermelon, especially the rind, open urinary and sexual organ blood flow, which noticeably improves sex. It also helps people pee out kidney stones.
Some people have done one day watermelon fasts to increase urine flow and thus reducing edema. Diabetics and people with hypo-glycemia should not fast on this sweet fruit.
Watermelon and raw tomatoes contain predominantly all-trans lycopene, a lesser bioavailable isomer, but studies show watermelon lycopene is well absorbed. Lycopene is stored by the prostate, which directly effects urine flow. Studies show that the tomato's lycopene lowers Prostate Specific Antigen. When you eat watermelon you consume large amounts of lycopene and amino acids that dilate arteries in your urinary organs. Synergy of the prostatic carotenoids and aminos most likely explains why watermelon is the great kidney healer. 


Natural Flee Help for Pets

   It is summertime and the flees are out and biting. Here are somesuggestions to help with this problem
  There is pure lavender oil which seems to work for a lot of people but it drives the flees away. It doesn't kill them.
 There are homeopathic formula remedies like one called Flee Free, where you put a few drops in their water. I know people who swear by it but you have to remember to put it in their water everyday.
 There are herbal formulas that may or may not work you can look up.
 There is borax that does work but people worry that it is toxic but the one I have used was pure boron and it worked and I had a 80 pound dog
that lived in good health and good quality of life into his 17th year. The borax got rid of the flees in the yard and bushes and never caused any harm to the greenery.
 Last but not least is Pine tar soap. Yes I know what you are thinking that it probably smells bad and it smells like a pine cleaner. Well I found one that doesn't smell bad and seems to work well even if you just wash their paws and belly with it. I like the Grandpa's brand because it's smell is mild and I tried others and couldn't take the smell. I also like to use it when my dog gets a rash on it's belly from dragging herself through the grass. It seems to calm the rash and clear it right up. I have made solutions with it and sprayed my cat's bed and that prevented and gotten   rid of any fleas and itching she was having. Pine tar soap can be bought at health food stores or on line. It has been used successfully by people, I here, for lice and skin rashes of all kinds.
Hope this information helps so you don't have to use the harsh pesticides that you place on the back of the neck of your pet which I have noticed years later is where horrible tumors and sores appear and then spread over the whole body of the poor animal. The vets have nothing for that and it is a miserable and difficult thing to go through and witness.  

Mercury Toxic? What Makes it Worse

 Sulphur foods that cause a raise in cysteine levels and cause excess thiols can make a person with mercury poisoning feel worse. They may feel tired, spacey and depressed after eating these foods while before they were fine. They may also eat these foods often so they never really feel good and energized. They are not necessarily allergic to these foods it is the thiols that cause the problems. Taking Glutathione may help. The major foods to avoid are baked products containing whey and/or cysteine. Also soy, broccoli, buckwheat, butter, cabbage, cheese of all kinds, chives, chocolate, coffee, dairy, eggs, garlic, lentils, onions, peanuts peas, and yeast extract should be avoided. This is a basic list. Try to avoid these foods for a week to see if you feel better.  

Capers- Packed with Nutritional Value

 Capers have unique- phytochemicals that quenches free radicals in special ways.  There is a statistically significant protection from gastrointestinal cancer observed in people who eat a lot of capers and onions. The unique-phytochemicals have shown to inhibit tumor growth and prevents prostate cancer as a chemopreventive.The phytochemicals found in high quantity in capers have also shown to help with weight loss. In another study they found that it inhibits breast cancer cell proliferation by inhibiting glucose uptake. Capers are useful to treat skin redness, irritation and pimples. University of Maryland scientists say the nutrients in capers helps allergies, asthma, and hives. They act like an anti-histamine stabilizing cells that realease histamine. Worth putting a few in your food a day.  

A Spice to Spice Up Your Life

 Food scientist Massimo Marcone exhaustively reviewed more than 200 studies of “aphrodisiacs,” and found many dangerous, and nearly all useless.  One rare exception? Saffron—an aphrodisiac, for real.

Saffron, the delicate, minute stigma of the spring-heralding crocus flower, has been used for centuries, and to this day, in spice, tea, bath additive, or paste form:

• As an anti-depressant
• To slow the spread of some cancers
• As a sleep aid
• To reduce blood pressure and arterial pressure
• To increase antioxidant levels
• To slow development of Alzheimer’s disease
• To relieve an uneasy digestive system
• To help prevent age-related macular degeneration
• To relieve menstrual cramps and PMS
• To reverse memory loss and neurological disorders.

 So it also:
• Boosts your immune system
• Builds your libido
• Lowers blood pressure
• Lowers men’s prostate risks
• Relieves pain
• Decreases risks to heart health
• Improves sleep
• Reduces stress 

The Importance of Your Blood Type

 Research by James D'Adamo, MD., and his son, Peter D'Adamo examines how different blood types relate to the body's chemistry, diet, and disease susceptibility.
The research has identified cell-type markers that are unique to each individual. These markers can be matched a similar food markers that are compatible to you.
Type O
People with type O have high level of stomach acids and thrive on high-protein diets of fish, animal meats and poultry. Type O ancestors were the first humans and had no exposure to dairy, grains, (Gluten) and consequently , modern Type O's lack the digestive enzymes to digest these newer foods.   46% of Americans have type O blood.
Type A
This is the second oldest blood type and emerged as the wild meat supply dwindled and agriculture first appeared. These people have lower levels of hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes than type O's and find it hard to digest protein and can have difficulty with dairy products. Type A's thrives on vegetables, eggs, fruits, nuts, and seeds and do poorly on any form of wheat and certain seafood - shrimp or lobster. 

 Type A is found in 42% of Caucasian Americans and 27% of Black Americans.
Type B
This type less than 10 thousand years old - appeared after domestic grains were introduced into the human diet, so people with this blood type are well-adjusted to large amounts of dairy, animal protein and grains. The first type B were nomads from central asia and eastern Europe and were know for their longevity, which they claimed was due to their devotion to yogurt. Olives, olive oil, and feta cheeses are typical foods in their diets. Pineapple is good for their lack of digestive enzymes. Only 10% of Caucasians and 20% of Black Americans are typical type B.
Type AB
The most recent blood type-within the last one thousand years. This type is best adjusted to newer dietary food groups such as grains, dairy, vegetables and fruits. Digesting and metabolizing meats is a problem because of insufficient stomach acid. Daily use of an antioxidant is important as well as an alkaline diet. Light exercise and increased relaxation suits this group best.
Only 2% to 5% of the population has the AB blood type. 

Green Tea The Good and The Bad

 Green Tea and Mate - the news is mostly good. Cardiovascular benefits of green and white tea have been extensively researched with more than 1,000 studies. They are an affordable way to prevent oxidative based disease. The caffeine in tea boosts adrenaline and mental focus. For people with low blood pressure it can be balancing, but for people with high blood pressure it is suggested to avoid entirely. Caffeine has a dehydrating effect and should be avoided by pregnant women. They have tannic acid  and tannins are too large for some people to digest. They have a high number of double electron bonds which bestow  them a strong property to attract metals such as Iron, Zinc and copper. Large tannins are strong inhibitors for the gastrointestinal absorption of metals and are digestive enzyme inhibitors. I suggest avoiding green tea during meal times and enjoy it between meals so they don't decrease nutrient intake.  


Endometriosis Help

 Many  women  have  found  help  with  endometriosis  and  heavy  bleeding/periods  simply  by  eating  kale  and  chard  more  often.  High  in  Vitamin  K 1  it  slows  down  bleeding,  functions  as  an  antioxidant,  however   it  is   not   good   for   people  on   blood   thinning   medications.  It  is   best   to   have   some   avocado,  goat  cheese  or  oil  to  go  with  chard  as  the  chlorophyll  and  carotenoids  are  exclusively  fat  soluble.  Also  due  to  higher  levels  of  calcium  and  minerals,  chard  plays  a  role  in  bone-building  and  fracture  repair.  

       Also on  the   page   "Women's  Health  Problems "  learn  about  an  Acupuncture  treatment  that  can  permanently  and   completely  relieve   all   pain   from   Endometriosis.   For   many   patients   with   severe   forms  of   Endometriosis   it   seems   like   a   miraculous  cure.


So everybody experiences sleeplessness once in a while to often. Here are some wonderful homeopathic remedies for a fast get to sleep.  If you are sleepless from many thoughts crowding your mind or your mind is turning on the same thoughts Calcarea 12X or 30X is for you. If you drank too much coffee too late in the day and you are simply wide awake Coffee cruda 12X or 30X will work for you. But not right after you had coffee as coffee and garlic can neutralize the effects of the homeopathic remedy. So wait an hour or two before taking any homeopathic remedy.  Arnica which seems to be helpful for just about everything is also helpful for when you feel too tired to sleep. Then there is chamomilla which is good for sleepy but cannot sleep because of restlessness and irritable and or aches and pains. Pleasant chamomile tea may also be helpful and for people who just have some hard core insomnia they may want to call me for further advice on some stronger but natural help at (818) 403-5751. 

Issues With Microwave Cooking

 While this is not new news it seems there are a lot of people who do not realize the problems eating Microwaved foods.
The radiation from a microwave on food corrupts the DNA in food so the body can't recognize it. It results in destroyed vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins. If you water plants with microwaved water after it has cooled,  they will die.
Based on Swiss, Russian and German Scientific studies it is considered unhealthy to use microwave long term. It causes brain damage, male and female hormone production shut down, minerals in vegetables convert into cancerous free radicals. It causes stomach and intestinal cancers, contributing to the increase in these cancers in the UK and US. Eating microwaved foods cause immune system deficiencies through lymph gland and blood serum alterations.  Long term eating of microwaved food causes loss of memory, concentration, emotional stability and decrease of intelligence. 

   Cooking  chicken  in  microwave  ovens  won't  kill  harmful  salmonella  and  other  bacteria.  Reason:  Microwave  ovens  heat  food  through  molecular  friction,  leaving  surface  temperatures  too  uneven  to  kill  the  contaminants.  Solution:  Cook  chicken  in  conventional  ovens  at  350 degrees  Ferinheit until  the  meat  thermometer  reads  185 degrees in  both  the  breast  and  thigh  areas  or  until  the  juices  run  clear.